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  1. so I have a "kit" and I was about to start making brats in a few hours.  When I took the casing out of the package (they are natural casings) there are black specs all over them.  They have a pretty foul smell.  I have never used natural casings before so I don't have a clue if this is something to be expected or not.  The smell might go away, but have never seen something that looks so wrong.

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    That looks like mold or something growing on them. They should not have black specks or a foul odor, Were they packed in salt or a salt solution? I don't think I would take any chances with them and just toss them out.
  3. Thanks S2K9K

    They were heavily salted, the specs, which I think you are correct that it is mold is only on the outside of the casings (facing outside of package)

    Well that is far less than pleasing!!
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    OK sounds like they were pressed up against the package and didn't get enough salt on them and probably sat on a shelf too long.
    I keep mine in a salt brine and will flip them around and give them a good massage once in a while to make sure every part of them stays in the brine.
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    Toss em
  6. Yup - what Dave & nepas said - get rid of those things...  They should look like this

  7. A couple months ago I pulled a package of natural casing out of the fridge and separated several for making Brats, I rinsed the separated ones inside and out, but then something came up and I was not able to continue that day.

    I put the separated / rinsed ones back into a separate zip lock bag, dumped in a good amount of table salt, added some tap water and put them back in the fridge.

    Last week I pulled the bag that I re-salted out and had planned to use them and they had black spots also, but the spots were on the inside of the casing. I assumed that my salt solution did not adequately get to the inside. I run water through a couple but the spots didn't wash out, so I tossed them into the trash.

    Just my 2 cents worth: Rich-
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    If you don't believe what you are using is the best product. You will never be satisfied with the results........ I have tosses stuff out for less of a reason.......... just my opinion .....ShoneyBoy
  9. X2  [​IMG]   [​IMG]
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    Those casings would make me find another source....   E-mail them the pictures of the casings and the package, and if the package has a "code" imprinted on it of the date, or run number or anything like that, take a picture of it so they become aware of a possible problem....  

    Did they smell like formaldehyde ???  maybe they are Chinese casings.....
  11. X2 and I'm willing to bet they are a "product of China". I have found LEM casings are and I won't buy them. 
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    I've bought sheep casings before that looked like that. I opened the package and almost puked they stunk so bad, since then I buy from a local butcher. A little more pricey but way better quality and fresh.
  13. Looks like bad casings to me....[​IMG]

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