Cart for my Masterbuilt 30" electric.

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  1. The ole back is not what it used to be. Does not like to bend over so much anymore. My Masterbuilt electric 30" was built low to the ground necessitating bending over to do most anything. I ordered a chromed wheeled cart from Home Depot that got delivered and put together this morning. I think I'm gonna love it. Got plenty of space to the side for stuff while loading. Everything is pretty much at eye level. Place for wood chips and cleaning stuff on the racks below. I was a little worried about it being top heavy on the cart but that is definitely not a problem. 600 lb capacity on the cart with large diameter wheels and that puppy is a sturdy as a fire hydrant.

    Gonna do my first brisket this weekend. That way I will have done whole chicken, pulled pork Boston Butt, and two St. Louis ribs slabs with the outcomes all excellent.

    Here is what the cart looks like. Just have to grab the handle and wheel her out of the garage.

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    That looks really good.  I have soooo got to get me a cart also.
  3. Ya...I am looking forward to using it tomorrow on my first brisket.  One thing to keep in mind about a cart is the height.  I'm 5'8" and I can not see the display on the top of the unit.  That is no biggy as I haven't yet been able to read the display outside in the sunlight anyway.  I have been using the RF remote to control everything and loving it!  Just sayin about the height!

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