Caramelized or Black Ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by golfpro2301, May 12, 2014.

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    So I went to a local BBQ joint yesterday and decided to give their ribs to try. A friend told me they were really good. They came out and they were completely black on top but it looked like the rub had caramelized instead of being burnt. I took a bite and they were oh so good. perfect blend of salt, sweet, and heat. My question is does anyone know how to intentionally get this type of crust.
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    Kick the heat up to 325° for the last few minutes or so, checking them frequently. Sugar Caramelizes at 320°F if there is no more moisture on the surface. If the temp gets to 350° it will burn and get bitter. You can also work the bark over with a Torch. The ribs at the bottom of the photo are pretty much what you are looking for...JJ

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    JimmyJ. what are those things next to the ribs? They look like chimichangas! Smoked chimis??
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    They look like Egg or Spring Rolls.   
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    Very Cool---Great answer!!!

    Thanks Jimmy!!!------------[​IMG]

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    Oh my JJ, those sound OUTSTANDING! And they get moved immediately to the to-do list.

    Thanks for sharing! I'm a sucker for anything soy/sugar/garlic/ginger/sesame oil.

  8. ghunt

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    I've been to a place in Pittsburgh PA (Doublewide Grill) where they brush their Carolina sauce (vinegar based) on their ribs and caramelize it...Myyy God I have got to try that. You don't even want to add extra sauce to the ribs for fear of covering up the flavor!
  9. jbills5

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    My ribs tend to do that after I unwrap them from the foil.  I think it is because of my sauce which has honey, molasses, and some sugar and it caramelizes. After the foil, I let them sit on the smoker and sauce maybe 30 minutes prior to them coming off the smoker.  Some people like it, others do not because they don't have that traditional mahogany color and people eat with their eyes first.
  10. I went there when I was in Pittsburgh to visit a friend not long ago. They have a good selection of beer & I got the all you can eat ribs. Wasn't a bad place at all  [​IMG]
  11. mikewysuph

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    Wow on the Double Wide in Pittsburgh.... 40 craft beers on tap and all-you-can-eat ribs for $14.95!

  12. Yup like I said it wasn't a bad place at all - I will go back next time I'm out that way  [​IMG]

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