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  1. I initially purchased the samlled one probe model but when I got it it was in celsius and it's not switchable. Emailed the company and they said they would send me the bluetooth dual probe model for free! a couple weeks later got the bluetooth model and returned the single probe model to amazon for a full refund! Basically got it for free!

    The probes are spot on, calibrated them in boiling water and they both hit dead on at 100 celsius, the bluetooth model has a switch on the back to toogle between farenheit and celsius.

    The app is ok, it has all these preset options but you can customize the doneness settings to you liking. The range isn't amazing, maybe 50 feet but hey I'm not straying that far so that's ok.

    The cord length is shorter but i use a vertical bullet smoker so a couple feet is fine i think the cord is about 2 feet or so.

    Ultimately its an inexpensive version of other bluetooth probes that does the trick for temp and donessness. I think it retails on amazon for about 50 or 60 canadian bucks.

    If you're lookin for a cheaper alternative and want an android based app I'd say give this a try, their customer service is really good.
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    Thanks for taking the time to do the nice write up.  I'm in the market for a good meat temperature probe and it is nice to hear about some different choices.

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