Can't get summer sausage IT to 155 degrees

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by smokenut, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. smokenut

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    Attempting to make venison summer sausage in my Bradley digital smoker. I started the temp at 120 and raised it 10 degrees every hour smoking it for 2 hours between 130 - 150. I stopped raising the temp when I got to 180 to avoid the so called fatting out. Trouble is I have had it in a total of 13 hours and my IT is only at 126. It only seems to raise a couple of degrees every two hours. I read that most people reach temp within 8-10 hours. Am I in trouble by taking too long to bring it up to temp? I have 12 - 1lb rolls in the smoker hanging about an inch apart. Did I overload it? Help please!
  2. rexlan

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    Verify the actual internal smoker temp.
  3. daveomak

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    When I do beef sticks, at 145 deg smoker, it takes 24 hours to get to 140 ish....   as long as you have cure #1 in the mix, no problems with the long time...    I'd lower the temp to 155 ish and wait...  probably another 24-36 hours....   that will insure no "fat out" of the sausage.....  and check the smoker temp with an accurate therm as Rexlan suggested...  you don't need to add smoke during that long cooking cycle....

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  4. smokenut

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    Thanks for your replies. My IT is slowly going up. Was 128 when I went to bed. Got up 6 hours later and it had reached 138. Had to go to work so had my son check it about 4 hours later and it is at 142. My only concern about it cooking so long and slow is a fear it may dry out. Thanks again!
  5. driedstick

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    I had some do the same took 15hrs at 170, and came out just fine, not dry at all.

    Let us know and good luck.
  6. weisswurst

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    As stated above , as long as you have cure in it ,the time doesn't matter. And you do not have to keep smoke on it the entire time. In fact I definitly would not. Having said that I would verify temps. Also how cold is the meat when you start?

       I have had this problem from time to time. Even doing a brisket or pork butt. Do you open door often? Happy SM  Weisswurst.

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