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    Hello all,

    I have a char-broil vertical box charcoal smoker, cheap I understand however I have some questions I am hoping someone my be able to help with.

    I have cooked two pork butt and two racks of ribs on this smoker however I am having a hard time maintaining a 225 temp.  I noticed when looking at the WSM that the coal pan is perforated to allow air and ash through and the one that I have resembles an over sized water pan, could this be a reason why my fire is dull? In addition, the water pan is pretty low to the coal pan could this also be effecting my temps?

    When using this smoker I normally start by lighting a fire in the coal pan, waiting till good and grey then inserting into the smoker.  Since this is not a very insulated smoker would the minion method work better?  

    Thanks, and yes I am saving up for a WSM, and am looking for a decent temp management system for it as well, thoughts?

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    Good luck Brandon,

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    Thanks for the info, great to know I'm on the right track.
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    Everything worked out bitchin glad to say
  5. Get a second job so you can get your WSM sooner rather than later [​IMG]. I use the Maverick ET-732 temp probe. When you get your WSM go to Home Depot and pick up a package of lamp nipples (where the lamp replacement parts are). Drill a hole in the side of the WSM and insert the shortest nipple in the hole and use this to insert your probes.
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