Canadian Tire's stainless Louisiana Grill quality?

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  1. Cdn Tire is now carrying a stainless pellet grill.. Wondering if anyone has used one or seen one that has been setup in order to compare with an LG900.
    I really want an LG900, but the stainless model at C-Tire has shelves and an enclosed base for storage.
    I just want to ensure I will be getting something as heavy-duty as the LG900. (I can't find any manuals or specs online for the stainless unit, which is concerning)
    Anyone have feedback?
  2. I was looking at that as well.  The CT site has one review, from a guy who's used it once to BBQ steak… I looked at it and it looks solid, but never seen a LG900 to compare it to.  My local COSTCO has a Traeger Century pellet grill right now, at $1099 (I think)… it looks like a very solid unit.

    As I'm researching my first smoker purchase, I'm limited in my budget though.  Will be picking up either a WSM or Napoleon charcoal unit.

    Good luck!
  3. Looks to me like it's part of their Estate line of grills.  Which according to LG's website is "coming soon", that might explain the lack of manuals.  If you're not close to a CT with one in stock, you could try ordering one in.  They're pretty good about returns.  Just my two cents, but a couple years back I had a close up hands on look at one of their Country Smoker line and was not very impressed.  Don't know if any of that helps, but good luck with your search anyway.
  4. Thanks very much folks. Hopefully Louisiana Grills will get back to me with some info. Once they do, I will post for any others who may be wondering.
    Jaxty, good luck on the decision making. All I know is, I have a friend with a WSM , and he loves it. I finally saw a Napoleon in person, and they look great too... Tough decision I'm sure!
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  5. Thanks JB.  I splurged on the WSM this afternoon.  Just going to put it together and season it.  First smoke tomorrow I hope!!

    Good luck with the LG.  I hope they get back to you soon!

  6. I recently noticed this grill on the LG site and made some inquiries. Apparently it is a very new model and may be one day part of a separate line as an all stainless model with other upgrades is also coming in the next 6-9 months. It is in the LG line, not the Estate. Currently only available at Canadian Tire and not currently available through US distribution but I think they will sell direct if no dealer close to you in the US or arrange a special order if a local LG dealer (non Ace) is close to you.
    Anyway it looks like a nice unit and is on my short list for my first pellet grill. Also looking at the LG900 and the Englander. Must have an direct flame area as my wife refuses to have 2 grills. Only a few options in this price range. In my area (MA) GMG and Treager are the only lines I don't have to drive an hour or more to see. Neither have the direct heat feature available.
  7. Well I pulled the trigger on the LG800. Found it on Amazon for the same price the rep was going to sell it to me for but with free shipping since I have Prime.
    It arrives yesterday and I spent a few hours putting it together. Pretty straightforward instructions and no real hitches, easy assembly but it did take alot longer than I expected to spend on it. Only time I needed an extra set of hands was to lift the upper unit onto the base. Overall fit & finish I'd say is pretty good. Not quite as solid as my 13 yr old Weber gasser but neither are the new Webers. Two holes were slightly out of line enough that the bolts had a hard time going in straight but easily compensated for.
    So build complete, burn in done yesterday. First rack of St Louis ribs is near done now. 4 hours in at 225 and the temp has been rock solid steady. I don't have a grill mate yet to confirm the readings but the display on actual temp hasn't moved since it got there except to drop 5-10 degrees the two times I've opened the hood to check. I'll update soon on how the ribs come out. Another rack of ribs in the fridge to try a different rub on after the shoulder brining overnight next to it.
  8. Cool. Congrats on the new unit! I baked a loaf of bread on our LG900 yesterday. My indoor oven is becoming jealous as we rarely use it anymore!
  9. Update: The ribs came out awesome, perfectly cooked, nice smoke ring, meat came off the bone easily with a little pull. I might have overdone the rub, the kids liked the ribs but thought the flavor was a little strong. I used a rub I found at Trader Joe's that has coffee and garlic, kinda heavy on the garlic.
    2nd cook: 8lb pork shoulder for pulled pork. Also came out amazing, although I'm not sure if 18hrs at 225° is long but the meat temp was only at 44° 1hr out of the fridge when I put it on, probably should have let it get closer to room temp.
    My biggest concern about the grill was that it went through way more pellets than I expected but after speaking with tech support my +/- 2lbs/hr at 225° use is actually in the norm. Don't know where I read it but I was expecting that to be below 1lb/hr and 2lbs at sear temps. They said at 500°+ I will burn 5-6lbs/hr. This thing is going to be pretty expensive to run, I'm going to have to convince the wife to let me keep the Weber gasser for fast grilling.
    I'm also going to consider a couple of the mods I saw to insulate better to reduce pellet use.
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  10. Another update: Second batch of ribs. This time Baby back 3lbs each, tried Memphis Dust from for the rub. Much more subtle but I have to say, much better and let the pork and smoke flavor come through. Definitely better received by the whole family. Again, the LG900's G2 controller held the temp steady for 5+ hours. Also smoked some chicken breasts and burgers last weekend. Put a,poultry rub on the chicken and put them on at 200° for 1.5hrs then put the burgers on for 30 minutes, then opened the flame broiler and cranked up the temp to finish everything off in rotation. Fed 15 and everyone had compliments. The burgers came out incredible, nice smoke flavor and cooked perfect, little pink in the middle and good grill marks.
    I need forgetting to take pics but here are a couple from the 2nd batch of ribs. Look at that smoke ring.
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  11. Forgot to add, after finishing off the LG pellets, I tried cookinpellets perfect mix and I'm not sure if the taste is better as both were really good but I would guestimate I went through 1/2 the pellets per hour at 225°, and at the same price, I think that's a much better value. I'm a lot less stressed about how much thing is going to cost to run.
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  12. Cool. I've been using Lumber Jack pellets which seem to be burning at a slow enough rate to keep me happy.
    Also a quick tip.. (Not sure if it's all in my head or not...) but, on cooler days I supplement my pellet mixes with about half oak pellets . I believe the harder wood helps slow the burn.
  13. One more update:
    My earlier report of the cookinpellets burning at half the rate of the LG pellets were probably not quite accurate. Although I'm pretty sure I went through less, it was probably more like 20% less.
    However I did go ahead and make one modification that has definitely decreased pellet consumption even further and also increased the smoke flavor a little. I found on Amazon nomex wool grill insulation strips, the same stuff you see on the Big Green Egg and other similar and placed it around the front and sides of the hood. The smoke (& heat) is no longer pouring out of the gap that was there and so less pellets are burned to maintain temperature. This time I think the pellet savings really are about 50%, I've done three 6hour cooks since the mod and each time I've only used about 1/2 the 12 lb hopper vs going through a full hopper and adding more for each cook before.
    My only complaint is the temps are a little less steady after the mod. I set it for 225 and it wavers up & down from 225-250 where before it was rock steady at 225. Each cook it seems to get a little better so I'm wondering if the controller is "learning" and compensating better each successive use.

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