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Discussion in 'Canadian Group' started by geoffchef, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Hi guys. Where do you go for things like the AMNPS, good thermometers etc. in Canada?
  2. garyhibbert

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    I got mine from Amazon
  3. Try your Local TSC store, they carry a mess of smoking and sausage making supplies
  4. mikeincalgary

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    Try Dickson bbq - online ordering, shipping reasonable. Robert is very good to deal with.
  5. Hi Palladini. I looked up TSC stores, since the name was unfamiliar. Two locations in Manitoba - one 2 hours away and one 3 hours away. Oddly, nothing near Winnipeg. Guess I have to wait for a new location to pop up. In the mean time, waiting for spring, I can get stuff at Cabela's, less than an hour away.
  6. Thanks Mike. Dickson's doesn't seem very interested in electric smokers (I have a Bradley), none shown on their website.
  7. jayace

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    I buy a lot from Amazon Canada. Maverick thermometer, instant thermometer, pellets, oven gloves with long cuff. Been very happy with them. No good price on AMNPS though, still looking for that.

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  8. They do have a better selection than Cabela's.

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