Canadian bacon cooking technique

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  1. I made Canadian bacon several times and it turned out fine. But I would like to learn how to make it the most moist possible. Could you share your cooking technique? Please, don't post the recipes, just share how you cook it. I am looking for:

    - cooking/smoking temperature

    - length of cooking

    - do you tie it up with butchers twine?

    - do you shower it with cold water? What is the science behind it?

    - do you cold smoke it before cooking?

    Thank you!
  2. The quality of the pork is what will make the biggest difference in moistness and flavor.
    I use only well marbled loins from Berkshires or other heritage breeds.
    I use stretch netting.
    Cold smoked for 6-8 hours for 2-3 days.
    Steamed to the appropriate internal temperature with 165-170 degree "steam" steaming time about 7-8 hours.
    Cold showered and hung for 2-4 hours to dry and bloom.

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