Can you use a Maverick ET-732 or ET-733 as an "instant read" thermometer too?

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by theninja, Apr 12, 2016.

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    So my old $10 thermometer finally bit the dust and I need some serious upgrades.  I dried my last batch of chicken and pork b/c the probe broke part way through the smoking.  Plus it used to take SOOOOOO long to get the temp that I'd lose all my heat.  It's time to step up to the big(ger) leagues here.  

    Anyway.  I don't want to spend a ton of money and I don't want to buy an instant read if the ET-733 can read fairly quickly.  If you don't recommend using it for that purpose I found a $25 "instant read" from Lavatools on Amazon that looks decent (around 5-7 second reading times according to reviews).  Then i'll ask for the ET-733 for my birthday coming up in about a month.  I can't justify dropping $85 on both the thermopen style and the remote monitor right now.
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    The Javelin from Lavatools at $25 is good. It's very Accurate and I get 3-4 second reads. I got mine a couple years ago when it was called by the original name, Thermowand. The cable/probe therms are much slower and let out too much heat from keeping the door open too long.
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    The MAV probes are Slooooowww to read. I have heard good things about the Lavatool...JJ
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    Thank you both for the fast responses.  And the more math I do I realized I "ruined" ....well I can still eat it but it isn't 15 pounds of meat b/c of  cheap/broken thermomter.  The $25 pays for itself the first time I use it!   heh.

    I'm definintely buy myself a birthday present with the ET-733 though.  Plus I noticed on amazon I get free bear claws for pulling

    Thanks again for the replies. This forum has be invaluable to me for my research and questions!!  I clearly don't post much here but I read a lot and it's a great site!
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