can someone tell me were i went wrong lol???

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by criddlecorn, Apr 9, 2015.

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    My name is Cory.I've built an octagon smoker.the cook chamber is 20" around 48" long. Firebox is 20" around 29 1/4" long my smoke stack is 4" by 40" tall. The plate between the firebox N [​IMG][/IMG]OK chamber is 14" by 6 1/4". Its building up creotose pretty bad making my meat bitter n numbing the tongue. It built liguid up the first time breaking it in n has every since what should I do to fix this problem
  2. Usually if you are building up creosote two things, either Green wood are Poor air flow, or Both

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    Nice looking smoker.....

    We need pictures of everything..... the inlets to the FB would be a big help..... DO NOT close the exhaust choke plate... control the temp with the FB air inlets.....

    These are really good inlets to the FB.....

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    6" have moon intake. Is this enough intake?
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    You should add air intakes at the top of the door.... like the picture in post #3.... The lower air intake is usually lower... like below the fire...
    The lower inlet controls the heat while the upper inlet controls the temperature in the CC and secondary burns volatiles....

    I do think you were cooking with green wood....
  7. Hello.  Creosote and liquid equal bad air flow.  I am with Dave here.  Your air intake is too high.  Air flow MUST be below your fire.  The easiest fix I can see from limited pictures is to raise your fire grate.  Please tell me that floor grate you are using is not galvanised!!!  The next problem may be 2 fold as this is in reverse flow.  MORE pictures please!  As Dave said we need to see EVERYTHING!  Keep Smokin!

  8. Like I said in post #2  Probably Green Wood  and did you have you damper on your stack partially closed ?

    Also double check the length of you stack  Look a little tall to me, but check it with Dave's calculator

  9. Hello.  gary went EXACTLY where I was thinking.  That is one really long stack.  Not saying it's wrong but just doesn't look right.  Check the calculator.  Things that seem to make sense for a fire such as a larger diameter and longer stack will help the "draw" of the whole unit don't always work in a smoker.  If it is too long the smoke will cool before exiting and condensation will form.  Also IF it is reverse flow the stack is at the wrong end.  Next may be the gap between the reverse flow plate and the end of the smoker may be too small so that will hinder air flow.  Pictures and measurements please.  Keep Smokin!

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