Can I store pork and pull it later ?? w/Q-view

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by aztexkid, May 25, 2013.

  1. This is my second smoke with my MB XL gasser. Two nine pound "pork shoulder blade roasts," CSR's and spare ribs. Kept the temp at about 250 per my two dial thermometers. I now believe they may be off by 25-30 degrees. Fedex showed up with my new ET732 and I prepared it (but did not calibrate) to insert at about the three hour mark. 

    Opened box for first time at three hours. as you may be able to tell, lower right rack area CSR's are severely overdone. Most of the other CSR's are OK with the thickest ones being very good. New ET732 shows temp at 280 when other two therms show 250. Spares are under roasts and look ok but not ready yet. Said all that as background to my question. Roasts are at 162 IT after four hours. If they go past midnight can I pull them out around 195-205 and let them rest three or four hours, then refrigerate and pull them tomorrow night? We have a full day planned away from the house tomorrow and I did not know if they can be pulled later or if that is a bad idea. This is my first attempt at pulled pork. Thanks for looking and sharing your experience and wisdom.   AZT
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    The CSR's are getting about right for burnt ends...  cut them into bite sized pieces, slather with you favorite BBQ sauce, and put back in the smoker in a foil pan....   Good news.....  Now you know where the hot spot is......     Dave
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    Hi AZT.

    IMO you'll have better luck going ahead and pulling the pork before you store it.  It'll be easier to pull, and in my experience, it reheats as good as just-cooked.  Let it rest as long as you can (save the drippings that come out of the foil to pour over the pp later), then pull it and store it in something air tight.  If its gonna be stored longer than next day, a good idea is to vacuum seal it until the day you serve it.  Whenever you are ready to reheat, pour the de-fatted drippings over the pork, or splash some apple juice over it, then cover w/ foil and reheat in a 300* oven.  Or, I haven't done it, but have read others say they get great results from reheating in a crock pot.

    Good luck!  Be sure to show and tell how it turns out!

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  4. Because they might finish up well after midnight I was hoping to avoid having to pull it when I would rather be sleeping, lol. About how long does it take to pull a roast that weighs  nine pounds before cooking. And are the "bear claw" looking tools I see at Lowes helpful to do this job? Thanks again, AZT
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    The bear claws are great and the mid-forearm length silicone grilling/high heat gloves make for easy work. With those I can pull a 9lber in 5 min or so but I leave my pork a little but chunkier than most people.
  6. Crunchy pieces are back in with bbq sauce. I have silicone gloves thanks to a gift from a co-worker who cultivated my desire to join the smoking fraternity (no disrespect to the ladies). I will buy some bear claws before dark. The IT is up to 169. Thanks for your suggestions and encouragement. AZT
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    Good advice to pull while still warm. I know the Bear Claws make it easier, but I still prefer to pull by hand with latex gloves. That way, I can feel for bits of fat and remove them.
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    Remove the fat? In my opinion those are some of the best pieces!!!
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    Yuuuuuuup! Actually my pork shoulder rarely have any visible fat after reaching 200F it's all rendered through the meat.
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    I still find a few goopy blobs, and unlike on a steak, I don't consider that good eating. But to each, their own.
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    Yes, pull and addjuices to measured pouches of Vacume seald bags , when you get hungry, pop it in a pot of boiling Water. Microwave reallyscrews then up.

    I just don't seem to be able to save any, everyone gobbles it up as quick as I finish it.

    Also , try Sloflaqure's finishing sauce, helps tenderize the meay and has a luscious taste.

    Have fun and . . .
  12. Thanks for all the advice. I didn't know that microwaving leftovers was a bad idea. I guess we will boil in the bag instead. There was a little fat as we pulled and the wife and I tried to remove most of it. The pork turned out well. Nineteen and a half hours, I pulled it out of the smoker  at 5 am at 198 IT. Rested in a cooler about an hour and a half. Most of the leftovers are frozen.  ATK
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    FWIW, I don't know about the "safety factor", but on a couple of occasions, I've smoked butts, rested them, thrown them in the fridge, then reheated the next day in a 250 degree oven and pulled them once they were back up to temp.   Didn't notice any problems in doing so.  Texture was fine and the finished PP was still nice and juicy.

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