Can I save my ribs?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by chivo, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. So I'm still deciding what smoker to get, for now I have a charcoal grill about 2'ish x 4'ish grill area that I have used for smoking. Anyway, I wanted to start getting used to smoking again so I decided to smoke some ribs couple of days ago (I threw a whole chicken in there while I was at it). Charcoal to one side, added wood chips regularly, water pan in there, used Jeff's rub (awesome), baby back ribs used 2-2-1, spare ribs used 3-2-1, sprayed OJ on them every hour.
    The chicken came out pretty good. The ribs came out a little dry and not very tender, the middle came out better but none of it was falling off the bone. Temp stayed around 210*, I know it should 225* but it wouldn't stay up that high constantly. So the question is can I throw them in the oven at 225* and cook them further to get them more tender or will that make them worse? If so how much longer? They have good smoke flavor. Thanks for any help.
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    When you smoked them did you add any liquid to the foil stage?
    You could reheat in the oven and wrap them with foil and add some liquid when you do. That should braise them as they reheat and add some moisture to them.
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      Hi Chivo. You might want to wrap the ribs in foil then put in the oven  at 225-250 for about 30 mins. and maybe add a little more oj or some butter.

  4. I did add OJ to the foil stage. I'll try them again in the oven, just didn't want to make them worse. Thanks.
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    The 210*F temp would increase the cook time by as much as an hour. You can wrap the meat, some apple juice or your BBQ Sauce in the foil would add moisture, and go 30-60 minutes in a 325-350*F oven will finish the cook and heat the ribs...JJ
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    Once again I agree with JJ put some Apple Juice or BBQ sauce in the foil and 325 or 350 for 45-60 minutes and they should eat fine

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