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  1. Has anyone used the small char griller/ side box on another brand of grill other than a char grill? I have a master forge dually and wanted to try adding this on as a side fire box but was unsure if I would be wasting my time.
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    Sure.... a firebox is the same regardless of who makes it... Mating the two for a proper Firebox to Cook Chamber opening may take a little work...  Dave
  3. thanks Dave! my main concern is that the firebox actually covers the vents that are already on the side of the grill.  I suppose I'll just give it a shot I can always return it!  I work in a commercial high rise building and brought home some firestop material to use to fill the gaps.  It's not "food grade" but I wasn't overly concerned being it would be outside the food chamber.  Am I correct in thinking this way or do you think it matters?
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    Firestop....  Is that a rock wool type spun fiber stuff...  It should work fine.... I assume you will place it between the FB and CC and bolt and squeeze it between them...   It won't go anywhere.... 
  5. No it's actually sort of a putty. It's made by Hilti. We use it in the building to seal up air gaps between tenant spaces and mechanical rooms I forget the temp rating but its supposed to withstand flames for like 4 hours or some crazy stuff like that... It gets applied just like a tube of silicone...

    I bought and assembled the box this morning it fit! I had to give the grill a little persuasion and a little trim off the side but it'll work! Had to leave for work so I didn't have time to quite finish the way I wanted or try it out! Tomorrow is another day. Ill update with pics in the morning!
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    If I'm understanding you right,, you are just going to bolt it on without cutting the hole out ?...
  7. Yes that's what I did... On this grill there is already quite a large hole on the side that had adjustable "dampers" on it I did however remove the damper so it is now just a hole!
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    I just have a feeling that the hole won't be big enough... If we had pictures, that would help... on the side of the CC there should be an outline (indented) where the plate needs to be cut out where the SFB connects to it.. it would be the same shape as the cut out in the SFB... but then again that would be for the original SFB
  9. I understand what you are saying. I didn't have enough time to go any further today, I'm at work til midnight. There's not much metal left to cut inside where the opening is from the new sfb. Ill try it in the am and ill also take some pics!
  10. Ok guys here is a pic of inside the firebox looking at the grill.
    So far so good the temp is up to about 170 so far I just added more coal I only added like 1/3 of a chimney and nothing underneath to continue the burn I don't want it to go for that long
  11. ok I cut out all of the metal on the grill side of the connection... I am now making temps on the near side of the grill upwards of 270! However, there is almost a 70 degree difference from side to side at the grate with my Maverick.  My next plan was to get a strip of stainless steel to add to the back inner top of the grill to help the heat from escaping.  Do you think this may solve or alleviate the issue of the delta T across the grate?
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    I'm thinking you might need to make some tuning plates... and save yourself some money as they don't need to be stainless.... 1/8" metal will be fine... tuning plates are maybe 4" wide strips of steel that go from front to back of the CC... they need to be at the top of the hole that goes from FB to CC... start at the FB side and put a small space between the first ones.. maybe a 1/4" and then as you work towards the cold end of the CC make the spaces wider... sometimes you may have to have a couple of smaller plates (maybe 2 1/2" wide) so you get more gaps towards the cooler end.... It will be a trial and error type deal to get it figured out.... If you don't understand what I'm trying to say just use the handy dandy search bar at the top of the page.. search for tuning plates... maybe even in your particular grill....

    You also might want to look into making your exhaust vent longer INSIDE the CC... make it come down to grate level... that will help even the heat out as well... there again the handy dandy search feature will be your best friend...
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  13. Thanks! Your basically referring to "heat deflectors" right? I want to add something g to the back because I can see a lot of smoke coming from that area. So I figure if I decrease that I increase the heat inside the grill? Am I incorrect in thinking this? So if not stainless then jus regular sheet metal? What gauge should I look for???
  14. Thanks! and do I have to have the first one on the angle from the top of the opening into the firebox?  Would not having that plate defeat the purpose of the whole "system"? and does it matter how close to the cooking grates these are?

    Sorry for all the questions I'm a newbie!

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    Yes.. you need the first plate to go to the firebox... if not, your right, it will defeat the purpose as all your heat will still go straight up to the top of the CC... I'm thinking at least 4" from the grates... I would try to place your tape measure from front to back and level, at the top of the firebox hole, that way the plates will just sit on the wall of the CC itself instead of putting angle iron in for the plates to sit on... try that first and if they don't sit good then think about the angle iron...

    Hope i'm not confusing you more... as far as the questions... that's why we all joined the forums, to ask questions....
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  17. Thanks again... This morning I installed the plate to extend the back of the CC up and I made some makeshift tuning plates and fired it up! My near side temp topped out at about 260. Which is just fine for right now. And I got the temperature difference down to only 30 degrees from 90- 100 yesterday! So we've obviously made significant progress. At least I can cook on it for the family. See the hardest thing with these tuning plates is that I want my cake AND I wanna eat it! I want to still be able to use this as a charcoal grill once in a while so I can't just remove the adjustable charcoal tray and the arm kinda gets in the way on the firebox side for the angled piece. Do these plates have to go 100% from front to back or can there be a slight gap?
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    Tuning plates explained......   Dave 

    Notice also the Baffle Plate tilts or slopes gently downward from the right towards the left as you can see from the shadow of the cooking grid above it.



    Now I will try to explain how this all works.

    As the heat/smoke flows into the cooking/smoking chamber, the downward sloping Baffle Plate directs the flow gently downwards and under the Tuning Plates as it flows from right to left towards the exhaust flue.

    The Tuning Plates are adjustable and are positioned such that there is an open space between TP-1 and
    TP-2. The width of the open spaces between TP-2 and TP-3, TP-3 and TP-4, TP-4 and TP-5, as well as
    TP-5 and TP-6, are increased in width progressively as we proceed from right to left.

    By making the spaces between the Tuning Plates wider, the amount of heat passing between the plates
    will increase and make that area of the cooking/smoking chamber hotter.

    By making the spaces between the Tuning Plates narrower, the amount of heat passing between
    the plates will decrease and make that area of the cooking/smoking chamber cooler.

    Through a trial and error process of adjusting the width of the spaces between the Tuning Plates, it is
    possible to 'Tune' the cooking/smoking chamber to have an even temperature across the length of the
    smoker from the firebox to the exhaust flue.

    It must be noted however, that each individual smoker/cooker will have its own unique personality
    and therefore will require its T.P.'s to be adjusted to its own individual characteristics...

    Because of this, the adjustments outlined above are intended as a starting point  only!...

    For best performance the TP's should have a thickness of 1/4 to 1/2 inch (0.6 cm to 1.3 cm), with most
    builders opting for a thickness range of 1/4 to 3/8 inch (0.6 cm to 0.9 cm), and should be made of iron
    or steel in order to have the thermal mass necessary to moderate temperature fluctuations in the chamber.

    Aluminum is not a suitable material for use in TP's since it lacks the thermal mass that is necessary.

    Additionally, there is no set number of TP's to use in a smoker, nor is there a particular width of TP that must be used.

    This is something you will have to decide based on the length of the chamber that you will be working with.

    A greater length would require more TP's, a lesser length would require fewer TP's.

    I created the graphics to reflect exactly what was shown in your photo, and this is the reason only 6 TP's are shown in them.
  19. Great stuff! Thanks Dave!!! Just to see what would happen I wrapped the 2 cast iron grates in foil to create a solid surface. I then angled the first one as shown in your diagram and then layed the other one longways next to it and like I said I then only had about a 25-30 degree difference. So sometime this week ill be back off to the local welders shop for some more steel. Then I'm going to have to measure for a charcoal basket for the firebox!

    You guys are the best thanks for all your help!
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    Thanks Dave for helping me out... I think he can grab the concept now...

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