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  1. This will be my 2nd attempt at a fattie, 1st time trying to cook/smoke it while camping. It's a honey garlic / extra lean ground beef / sausage mix, smoked Apple wood rub mixed into the meat and rubbed into the bacon, I added some maple bacon rub to the inside. I fried up some hickory bacon with fresh garlic, Rosemary, white pepper, dehydrated chives, & parsley flakes, this was placed in the middle next to some jalapeño jack cheese for a lil yummy. This time I remembered to pinch the ends closed and weave the bacon closed. I then rubbed the outside layer with smokehouse maple marinade.
    I've never used a campfire for smoking. The wood will be spruce, (it's what's available, works well for hotdogs and steaks over the fire, why not a fattie).
    Questions: should I wrap this in foil for the 1st couple hours?
    Will wrapping in foil trap the grease making this soggy?
    And any other suggestions for a great smoke?
    I'm planning on bringing some hickory chips, not sure if I can keep a slow smoke with a camp fire tho.[​IMG]
  2. dukeburger

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    How are you cooking this? On a grill over the fire or beside?

    Good looking fatty. Interested to see how this goes.
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  3. crazymoon

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    R, the fattie looks good,let us know how it worked with spruce.
  4. rmmurray

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    Good luck with it. If I were going to attempt it over an open fire, I would just throw it on a grate and turn it every 30 minutes or so.
  5. set it off to the side( indirect heat) put a foil tent leave ends open and watch it closely
  6. gotbbq

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    Good luck
  7. So, we ended up digging a 2 foot deep hole 4 feet diameter around 8 am, we burned wood until 1:00pm then placed a large beef roast and my fattie below ground. We cooked until just after 5 then rested for 1/2 hour. I forgot the smoker & hickory chips at home, so not sure if this fattie qualifies as a SMF meal any more. But, it cooked beautifully, was hot & tasty. Many compliments from my camp group as this was their first "fattie" taste. I'll upload pics when closer to town. Thx SMF for all the tips!
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    That sounds great. It may not qualify as smoked meat, but this fourm also has sections for grilling meat and baking side dishes so cooking a dish underground definitely qualifies for this site. I can't wait to see those pictures.
  9. dukeburger

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  10. dukeburger

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    Looks like a success [​IMG]. I might have to try something like this one day.

    Happy May Long [​IMG]
  11. mdboatbum

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    I'd say that qualifies!! That's the true definition of "pit BBQ". Great job!!
  12. rmmurray

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    Fantastic job Rogan!
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    Today has been Fattie School for me. That looks great.
  14. When camping I like to find a large, flat as can be found rock. wash it off in the river/stream/lake. then when the fire has a good bed of coals I place the rock on them till its nice and HOT and cook on it. Thats how I would cook a fattie while camping, but thats just me.

    I've done this with eggs and bacon before, don't see why it wouldn't work....

    Anyways glad it was a success and everyone liked it!
  15. billyj571

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    Nice Job Looks Fantastic [​IMG]

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