Cabela's Pellets, has anyone tried them?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stickyfingers, Jan 31, 2016.

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    Haven't tryed them, but I don't think $1 a lb is a great price. I get GMG Texas blend $28 for a 40lb bag.
    I also get cookinpellets from amazon when there on sale. Comes out to $.75 a lb.

    Don't know how much pellets you use, but on cookin pellets site, you can get 15 40lb bags (600#) for $390.00 shipping included.
    Works out to $.65 lb.
  3. westby

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    I buy Lumberjack pellets by the ton.  My last ton came to $550 shipped.  27.5 cents per lb.  I do live close by, so shipping was relatively cheap.
  4. mowin

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    My ton price of lumberjack worked out to $.38lb. Unfortunately I couldnt find anyone in my area to go in with me, and i really dont want a ton of pellets.

    My neighdor has a pellet grill, but only uses cookinpellets brand.
  5. I do used Cabelas brand pellets in my smoke tube. As stated in another thread I like them, but they only lasted for 2 hr. I don't know if they burn quicker or I had them too close to the heat. I smoked some ribs and they had a nice smoke ring and great flavor using cherry.
  6. chewmeister

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    Been using them for a couple years. I get great results with them. A full load in the AMNPS will burn for 12+ hours. There's a Cabela's 5 minutes from here.

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