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Discussion in 'Beef' started by golfpro2301, Nov 14, 2015.

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    All of my catering gigs for the fall are over with which means its time to get back to competitions. In my last few comps I have sprung for the SRF Wagyu in the 15lb range. Always turns out great. Usually been getting around 12th place though. I have been having hard time finding whole packers here in Jacksonville that are decent price. There is a high end butcher shop out at the beach that sells USDA Choice briskets for $100. I can get the same at wally world for $50 but they only put out around 3 a day though. about 2 months ago I called a local BBQ joint about selling raw briskets and the GM was more than happy to. I picked up a USDA Choice brisket for around $3.09lb. I was pretty happy with that. Well The Smok'n Flamingo comp is this weekend in Jacksonville and was thinking about going SRF but decided to go cheap so I called the place up again. Told me to come on by. I stopped by and he had a 21LB ready for me. After inspecting it I noticed it was tagged CAB. I guess they changed supplier and now get in CAB. The price - $2.59LB! Any one cook CAB before? How is the taste, how does it cook, etc? Thanks.
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    Isn't CAB just certified angus? Which can still be choice or prime graded.
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    Yeah its angus but is that a better quality or just type of cow? not good at understanding the grades. Just good at cooking them.
  4. There is certainly nothing wrong with Angus beef. Many restaurants and high end eateries only serve Angus. Yes it is breed and not a cut.The smoke house you got the meat from obvoiusly thinks its good enough for his businees.
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    At my local restaurant depot the beef labeled CAB is just a touch more expensive then the choice and it says it is Angus and labeled "choice or higher" and I notice two things about it that are better than the choice cuts. 1) more marbling and 2)better trimmed with less hard outside fat included in the package. In my opinion both of those things are good for brisket and all beef for that matter.

    Since you are purchasing from
    A BBQ restaurant it would make sense that it comes from restaurant depot or jethro

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