Buying Lem #8 grinder, question if need #5 vertical stuffer.

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  1. I have the lem big bite grinder with stuffing tubes I stuff Brotz with it last year worked out great one thing I would highly suggest if you're going to use the grinder is to get a foot switch for work I bought a foot switch for minute worked out perfect without the foot switch it be really hard to stuff anything having to turn the grinder on or off
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    I would recommend you spend the extra money and buy a dedicated stuffer. I used the a combo for years and the hassle it created was so frustrating. lots of air pockets and the meat did not feed smoothly. I still; use my KA to grind small batches of sausage, but always use the stuffer when making cased sausage.

    here is a good deal on a 5 lb stuffer
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  3. buy a stuffer
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  5. All I can say is if you do not start with a dedicated grinder and dedicated stuffer you will end up with both sooner than you think..[​IMG]  

    Do some research on the different models and their CS departments. i have a #22 grinder and11lb vertical stuffer from Weston and am very happy. i would like to have a smaller stuffer for convenience (small batches) Oh and the obligatory KA and all attachments to grind and stuff that was Slow, clumsy and a PITA oh did I say slow?

    Good luck on your decision,

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  6. This is a true statement.I ground and stuffed 10lbs with a kitchen aide the first time I made sausage.Now I have a dedicated grinder and stuffer.
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    I started using a KA mixer to grind and stuff....  after the second batch of andouille sausage, I quit.... for about 20 years until I found this forum...  Now I make sausage regularly and enjoy it...  beef sticks, kielbasa, andouille, breakfast sausage.... It's no longer a PITA because my friends here showed me how to spend money and get the right stuff to make this hobby FUN !!!!  ...  My granddaughters help...  big time...  and the equipment will be passed to the next generation and they will have learned how from gramps...
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    Buy a stuffer!  Wont be sorry!
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    What everyone says. Get a stuffer. You'll never regret it.

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