Buying a Oklahoma Joe Highland grill soon

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by johnnyshave73, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. johnnyshave73

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    Looking into buying an Oklahoma Joe Highland from lowes. I am a rookie when it comes to smoking. Going with this smoker because this is what my budget allows.
    I will mod it, I'll seal it and add that elbow.
    Wheye can I get a tuning plate and what exactly does it do?
  2. davidski

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    so..  as a OKJ owner.. let me help you with a few of these items. 

    first off, please realize that OKJs have breathing issues. Its extremely hard to get the heat up on one of these past 300.. 

    the tuning plate has 2 features and one fault. 

    it blocks the heat coming from the heat box, protecting your meat that is closes to the right side and the long plates spread heat more evenly. 

    The downfall is that unit wont breath as well as it did without the plates. youre now going to fight to get to 250. 

    The way to fix this is the elbow and keeping your smoke stack 100% open at all times.

    It is ok to put lava rock gasket around both doors, but do not seal the joint between the top and bottom half of your firebox.. or try to seal the door to the ash chamber. 

    Some people have put vents on the opposite side of the unit, under the smoke stack... and have sworn its the best thign to do... i havent done that yet. 

    Your plate is here

    and here is your gaskets from both doors AND latches to keep it sealed.

    Another suggestion is more thermometers, however its really hard to find one with the correct threading for your 2nd port. Call charbroil and tell them your thermometer arrived DOA... theyll send you out a free one and now you have 2. 

    PM me if you want more help. 

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