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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by westcoastbbq, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. westcoastbbq

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    Hi all,

    Been looking to grab a PG500 but I am wondering whether I should get one new, or there is one that is from 2012 used semi-nearby.

    Price difference is about 50% off for the used one, requires me to drive +/-3 hrs to get it and since its from 2012 comes with no warranty. Pictures look very good and the owner seems like a reputable person from the forum who was always raving about his PG500 (bought a FEC100 for more space though).

    What are your thoughts? On one hand, the 50% off savings is great, however with it being out of warranty, the cost to replace parts that go bad I would think could easily close that price difference real quick.

    What do you guys think?

  2. loock28

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    you could always try and talk him down some more.  I have bought a couple used pellet grills and have not had any issues at all. my last one i had to drive 4 hrs round trip and I paid a little under half price for it and it looks brand new. If the owner has taken good care of it there is no reason not to save 50%.
  3. If it is in good shape and hardly used, try talking him down a bit, Even if he doesn't come down 50% savings is a bunch.  To me if it worked and looked hardly used I would jump right on it.   Never owned a pellet smoker, so I don't know what goes wrong. My neighbor has one and has for a long time with no problems.

  4. westcoastbbq

    westcoastbbq Newbie

    The only thing I worry about with pellet grills vs. other grills is that they have a lot more electrical and moving parts, which tend to be more expensive, limited 3rd party options etc.

    It seems like it is in good condition but again it is 4 hours away, not sure I want to drive out that far just to see it. This is me already talking him down to 50%, it was listed substantially higher.
  5. loock28

    loock28 Fire Starter

    if you are that nervous then you can price out all the parts that could go bad ie fan, ignitor, controller, auger motor. then see where you are in the worst of the worst cases. I would also talk to the guy and ask if it was stored inside a garage or covered porch. how many hours on it. if hes had any trouble and maybe check in on the pelletheads forum and ask owners of this type of grill what they think and see if they have any trouble spots to check out. If its what you have been looking for I personally would go for it but thats me I don't mind grabbing my lil boy and making a road trip
  6. westcoastbbq

    westcoastbbq Newbie

    Thank you guys. I am emailing CS to price out some of the core components just to understand what the impact may be if those end up being an issue.
  7. Go to his house with a couple of steaks. Reverse sear them, smoke for an hour then crank the temp up to 500+ and sear them.

    If the unit passes this test you are good to go.

    Make him buy the steak and you bring the beer :)

    Every time I cook on my pg500 I tell the wife how glad I made the decision I did to go with this unit

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