Butts N Cake w/QVIEW of course!

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  1. My wife's union at work hired me to do pulled pork for their annual picnic. She had brought them in samples of my previous batches and they were all pleased with them. So I picked up 40lbs of bone-in pork shoulder from Costco to complete their order.

    I do a basic rub on the butts then start the smoker and toss them on. Pretty simple stuff. So around 8:30pm last night I got the butts seasoned and got the smoker started with some Kingsford blue and apple wood chunks. I set my BBQ Pitmaster IQ to 225°F, toss 2 butts on each rack and let them do their thing. While they were cooking, I made up a double batch of JJ's finishing sauce and let it marinate overnight.

    I woke up the next morning and the first butt was done at 9am so I pulled it off, and wrapped it in foil and let it sit in a cooler for an hour. Then another butt was done an hour later so I took one out the cooler and put the fresh one in and pulled the first butt. Basically repeated the process since the top two butts weren't up to temp since the bottom rack of butts acts as a heat shield.

    After each butt was pulled I ladled some finishing sauce on it, then added just a bit of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and mixed it all up. Everything came out so good. Pulled pork is like crack to me. I could seriously eat it every single day. The last time I made it, I ate it for lunch and dinner 6 days straight until I ran out.

    I also decided to make some dessert to go with dinner so I saw a recipe in a magazine and gave it a try. It's a Orange Ricotta Pound Cake served with fresh whipped cream and strawberries macerated in sugar and Prosecco. It came out so dang good. Here's the recipe if you're interested.....


    Got the butts all rubbed up and ready for the smoker.

    On the smoker at 9pm.

    Looking good after about 12 hours in. Nothing like waking up to smoked pork aroma wafting through the neighborhood.

    It was very juicy and the bark was fantastic.

    You can see the small patch of brown sugar I put on top right before going in the smoker.

    It's pretty tiring pulled 4 big butts in the heat. Sampling the goods along the way definitely helps.

    My helper Patton giving me his best puppy dog eyes. He was very excited for all the bones from the butts.

    The cake was insanely moist and thick, just like a good pound cake should be.

    A little powered sugar to dress it up a bit.

    Excellent dessert. I highly recommend it.

  2. Looks yummy. I'd tell you to send some my way but I'm guessing Patton wouldn't be having any part of that
  3. Mmmmm looks wonderful. Nice job!

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    Excellent , Freakynorm . I gather you used no foil , I am sooo proud of you , don't get that 'Bark' in foil [​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
  5. Yeah no foil is the way to go for me. I like that bark. I break it up and put it in the pulled pork. It adds so much flavor that way. Plus, I am really lazy and would hate to pull all that meat off just to foil it. I'm never in a rush when cooking pulled pork so no need to foil and it still comes out so juicy and good. Not dry at all.
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    Great lookin smoke.... I love some good ole pulled pork !

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