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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smoke 2 geaux, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. I have to cook for two pretty large fundraisers coming up soon. (1 jambalaya and 1 pp sandwich)  where I 'm going to need a massive amount of pork butts.  Someone told me today that Sam's has butts by the case for $1.69lb.  Has anyone ever bought these before?  I assume they are the standard 2 to a bundle vac pac butts?  Also, does anyone have any idea how many are in a case?
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    I would just call your local Sam's club for pricing and availability.
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    I have bought butts from Sam's alot and some of them have good meat but some don't. We have 6-7 here in Jax, FL and I would only buy meat from 2 of them. Now if you have a Restaurant Depot in your town they have butts fro 1.29lb last week when we bought about 700lb or so.  
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    Our Sam's has them for $1.39 by the case. They are very good. Wish we had a restaurant Depot here.  [​IMG]
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    Sam's here is higher than most of the associated grocers .

     They used to be the best price here  but not anymore
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    Costco beats Sam's up here on meat prices by about 15 cents a pound.  Only thing is that Costco butts have had the bone removed, so if you prefer bone in then you have to go elsewhere.
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    Smoktogeaux,yes the Butts come 3 pkgs. of 2 Butts in each[​IMG]Same as the Spares,cost here in Toledo is $1.68/lb. last I looked.Funny thing though, Sam's sells Flats only for $2.59/lb. and Wally World (just behind the Sam's) only have Packers for $1.89/lb.[​IMG]

       Hope you get a deal,remember to...
  8. You have a local butcher in your area? I would start by asking they for quantity prices...you may be pleasantly surprised with the freshness...quality and price.
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    Or possibly ask the owner of your fav Mexican restaurant you frequent if he could order you a case from his restaurant supply vendor. They often get special pricing since they go through a lot of pork

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