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Discussion in 'Pork' started by patriots, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Did two butts and eight racks of baby backs on Sunday. This was my first for ribs and came out great. Question, The butts took over ten hours, low and slow and pulled at 190. Wrapped and let sit. Perfect. I have a sfb and I have to keep lump or wood to keep it up to temp. Do I need a different type of smoker to let it go all night without touching it. The sfb I have to keep adding and watching. Thanks for all your help.
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    I just did a 10 hour smoke on a 8# butt in a UDS this last Saturday. Other than opening it up to do some twice smoked potatoes I could have slept through the whole thing. Started with 2 chimneys of unlit briquettes and 4 peices of maple added 1/2 chimney of burning briquettes on top. Shut it down 10 hours later with fuel left to spare.
    I could not reccommend a UDS more!![​IMG]
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    Yes, from what I've heard - the UDS is the way to go! I personally don't have one, but I will probably build one in the future. You can't get quite as much meat on there as you can my offset, but who cares...for really big cooks I could stick to the offset and sacrifice a nap - but for 80% of the cooks I do, I'm not cooking a trailer load of meat - so a UDS would be perfect.
  4. I got a uds and the last all-nighter I did..I decided to let the coal keep going after I pulled the meat and got 16 hours out of 12 pounds of briquettes.

    The WSM also gets long cook times, but not as long as a UDS.
  5. Oh, yea...some pics of that cook would be cool.

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