Butterflied Chicken & spuds

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by hookup, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. hookup

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    Butterflied two chickens by cutting out the back bone and removing the keel bone.

    Injected the chicken with a brine solution consisting of kosher salt, brown sugar and water.

    Then added the chicken to a pot with the remaining brine solution, added some water, and let it sit overnight in the frig.

    This morning, took the chicken out of the brine, rinsed and patted dry. 

    Then rubbed the chicken with a lemon dill, onion powder and parsely and put back into the frig.

    My son had a swim meet, so we went there for the morning.

    When we got home, I removed the chickens and let them get to room temp then added to the smoker with cherry wood.

    Also threw a few spuds in the smoker - will cook them for a few hours, cut in half and spoon out the potatoes.  Will mix the potatoes with bacon bits, butter, sour cream, salt and pepper then stuff them and back in the smoker.

    Everytime I add more wood, about every 1.5 hours, I'll spray the chicken down with some apple juice.

    We'll eat the chicken & stuffed spuds for dinner, and any left over chicken with be diced and frozen for future dinners.  Wife will use the smoked chicken in casserols, quesadillas, and tacos.

    An hour away from eating


    Chicken was excellent.  Breast was so moist the wife thought it was dark meat.

    Still need to work on the spuds.  They were good, but needed a little more heat and add a little milk next time and whip it up.

    Wife was giving me suggestions as she was wolfing down the biggest potoatoe - didn't stop her from finishing it.
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  2. meateater

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    There's nothing like a well smoked yard bird. Those look very fine. [​IMG]
  3. pineywoods

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    It looks great [​IMG]
  4. mballi3011

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    Yes those birds look really good and I now know they came out as good as they looked. I really like the golden color
  5. hookup

    hookup Smoke Blower

    Just had a snack of the spuds.  Nuked it for 30 seconds and they came out perfect.

    Never been a fan of the breast meat, because its too dry. 

    Not these birds.  Kid, wife and I been snagging pieces out of the frig to munch on all night.

    And that sutle smoke flavor is addicting.
  6. caveman

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    That is why is it called an "Addiction".  But, you will find out soon enough.  Good job on the smoke.
  7. hookup

    hookup Smoke Blower

    Thanx y'all.

    Next day made quesadilla's for lunch.

    Chopped up the chickend and spread it on flour tortillas.  Added shredded 4-type cheese, salsa and on mine tabasco.

    Then a little olive oil in a pan to heat up, crisp up the tortilla and melt the cheese and MMmmmmm

    I'm really liking this smoker - learning to load it up and have allot of leftovers for future meals.  Wife's liking that too.

    Did try to bring the leftover spuds to work for lunch today and got my hand slapped by the wife.

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