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    This is easy. Recipe given to me by a friend. I do have permission to post it.

    1/2 cup ground almonds, 1cup white sugar, 1cup butter, 1tbs corn syrup, 3tbs water ,1cup milk chocolate chips
    Cover a cookie sheet with foil..butter it..sprinkle with some of the almond
    In a heavy pan..add the buttter..melt..coat yhe sides with butter too. .
    Add the sugar, water & corn syrup
    Cook over medium heat..stirring often. .to 290 degrees. .watch and stir..it csn scorch easily..
    When it hits 290 remone from heat and immediately pour onto the cookie sheet
    Spread out with a buttered spatula
    Let cool 2-3 minutes
    Sprinkle chocolate cho ps evenly over the top
    Let sit another 2-3 minutes. .then spread evenly
    Sprinkle rest of almonds over the top
    You can score it with a pizza wheel if you want
    Cool..then chill in fridge 20 minutes or so..then break up..
    You can substitute any nuts you like..or use dark chocolate

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    Oh yummmm........I'm all over this one. Thanks for the recipe.

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    My wife makes English toffee every year for Christmas! It's very similar to that...
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    Recipe please!!!
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    It's almost exactly like the above recipe! We do triple the amount at a time; 3 cups sugar, 1 1/2 lb butter and a little corn syrup.

    Make sure you roast the almonds first.

    We put a layer of toasted almonds on a half sheet pan then some chocolate. Then when your sugar/butter mixture hits "hard crack" (about 300 degrees) pour it on and then put more chocolate and then more nuts. Press on nuts to finish.

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