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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bbrock, May 8, 2010.

  1. bbrock

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    I am setting at 199 at 205 am going to put it in the cooler. Will it hurt to leave it in the cooler longer than an hour if not how long can I leave it in there for? I started early just to make sure it was done in time for dinner tonight.we are not going to eat untill 7 and it is 310 now. Thanks for any info.
  2. grizandizz

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    I've left them in the cooler wrapped in towels alone for 2+ hours and they were great.
    A couple weeks ago I did 2 10lb butts and started them at 11PM the night before pulled them off at 1PM the next day (14hours) double wrapped in foil and towels, then added a heat pack (Pyrex carrying case) and let them sit for 4 hours until serving. They were PIPING hot!!

    Better to let them sit for awhile then be late to the table[​IMG]
  3. caveman

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    Yeah....what he said. You are good to go. Get that qview going.
  4. 5lakes

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    I've left a butt in the cooler for almost three hours. It was still way hot and pulled beautifully. You'll have it foiled? Wrap in towels, put in cooler, take out, serve and graciously accept the compliments.. [​IMG]
  5. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You will be fine in the cooler as long as you have towels to help it stay warm.
  6. One time last winter I pulled my butts out around 1 Am. I double wrapped them in large beach towels, and put in the cooler. I got up around 9am and pulled the pork at that time. Man was that the easiest pullin pork that I ever encountered. And it was still quite warm.
  7. I've kept a butt as long as six hours in the cooler.
  8. jirodriguez

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    Just be aware that if you take it all the way up to temp then cooler it for 5+ hrs. you run the risk of it actually getting mushy. If you know you are going to cooler it for more than 4 hrs. I would pull it off the smoker when the internal temp hits 195-200, double foil, wrap in towel and then fill the rest of the space in the cooler with towels or an old pillow. It will continue to cook, and still be almost to hot to handle when you pull it out.

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