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  1. Hey all,
    I am planning on smoking an 11.3 pound pork butt roast for memorial day. I have a rub to apply Sunday night before the smoking monday.
    I have read sometimes a baste of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and vegetable oil or a variation of the 3 is a good thing. Has anyone had good luck with that? If so, how often did you baste and how far into the smoke did you start?
    Also, would you recommend cutting the roast into 2 pieces? It has a bone in if that changes anything.
    I have a WSM 18.5" so room shouldn't be a problem.
    Any tips or tricks are appreciated.
    thanks in advance!
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    Dan I don't cut the butts personally it can shorten the smoke time butt I like just doing them whole. If I spritz/mop I usually use straight apple juice and start doing it about every 1-1.5 hours after the 2nd hour. I use a spray bottle and just spritz it.

    Here's a good thread to check out on butts

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  3. Thanks! That has a lot of great info.
  4. In my humble opinion you would be better off smoking that big Butt sunday for monday. It is going to take 20 some odd hours. I figure 2 hours per pound and a 2 hour rest. If you try to get it just done in time for dinner you will be sorry. Been there done that and had my Butt kicked more than once attempting this. Remember that pulled pork reheats well. You can't rush it either. Be patient and leave yourself plenty of extra time.
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    X2 for doing it the day before, even starting Saturday night.  On Monday, doing it hot n fast (300F), you're looking at a good 9-10 hours not including rest time. 
  6. No basting, no peeking, no oil. Use that basic pulled pork recipe that was provided for you it is a good place to start. I use jeff's rub on pork and love it. I usually foil but that is totally up to you, it does cut a little time off. I don't do hot and fast but some others do and that is totally up to you as well. I would say to take pictures and share your cook with us so in case you run into any problems someone can help you get it straightened out. We love that stuff. 
  7. Awesome thanks! I wasn't sure how long it would take so that is why I was contemplating cutting it. I am now planning to put the rub on Sunday morning and start smoking it Sunday night since I have plans most of the day and wouldn't be able to do it sunday. I will be sure to take pictures for future reference. It is nice to be able to pick the brain of people that have done all of this before.
  8. Just remember, you're probably looking at around a 17.5 hour smoke and don't forget the 2 hours of rest. I don't know what time you are eating, but the sooner the better. Good luck, I'm sure it'll be awesome.
  9. Here is the end result. Thank you for all the advice. It was a very good thing I started early. I guess late technically since I started at 9:30 Sunday night and pulled the meat off at 3:30 Monday afternoon. My next purchase will be a much better thermometer. Is there a thermometer that can monitor meat temp and smoker temp at the same time?

    First picture is of the smoker at 9:30 pm on Sunday when I put the meat on. The second picture is at the 12 hour mark of 9:30 am Monday morning. The last picture is of the pulled pork at 5:30 pm Monday after a 2 hour rest. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I look forward for the next time. I may have a try a brisket next. 

  10. Looks awesome! Thumbs Up:
  11. Killer butt!!!!!!
  12. As for a thermometer, Maverick ET 732 or 733 or the iGrill2 will work well for smoker and meat temp monitoring
  13. X2 on the Maverick ET-732. I love mine and it works great. I keep the cooker probe around the middle of the meat or whatever is cooking and it usually will help to average the surface temps. Timberjet mentioned foil. I usually don't foil anything but butts. I notice that your cook time was 18 hours and your bark indicates that you didn't foil. If you use foil, it will help you through the stall and help to decrease the total time. The only downside is that you may not have as much bark. Everything looked great on your butt. Good luck, Joe

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