Butt Over Brisket -- Now with Q-View VIDEO! :) -- Summer's First Smoke in Yorktown -- In Honor of

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  1. Howdy Folks!

    This is gonna be a fun thread as it's a number of firsts for me--

    My buddy Bulldog's gonna be hanging out and learning the fine art of Q for the first time.

    The Orioles are in 1st place (ok, sharing with the Rays but still) for the first time in May since 1997 and...

    This is the first time I'm putting pecan in my ECB and...

    This will be my first brisket! And, since I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do a Butt Over Brisket.

    Today I bought my fuel and meats, made the rubs and prep'd the Q.

    Sorry I don't have video tonight but I will for the rest of the project. 

    I know last time I promised guest tasting videos and that didn't work out, but hopefully it will this time.

    Anyway, here's a few pics to whet your whistle.

    Been to long since I checked in with you guys, hope you dig it.

    Until tomorrow, greetings from beautiful Virginia.

    ~Sean in Yorktown


    Got my lump & pecan chunks on my lunch break. Managed not to put a Big Green Egg on the credit card, but damn it was tempting to buy one of those.

    Stood around talking about smokers and meat at the Poquoson Taylor's DO IT center a bit.

    So glad summer is back!


    Picked up an 8 lb Boston butt & the 9 lb packer brisket after work.

    I estimate this is a 12 hour smoke.

    I will put it in at 10 pm Friday after the O's game, for a 1 o'clock BBQ & Oriole's game on Saturday.

    I'm going to cut the point off and chop 'er up for burnt ends after the initial smoke is complete, but I'm not counting that time into the smoke because I want to smoke a little while my guests are arriving.

    Another first, I'm using a different rub for the pork. Southern Succor, from the Jamison's "Smoke & Spice" book.

    They have never steered me wrong before. This one has turbinado sugar in it.  It's in the red bowl...

    Getting ready to rub 'er in...


    All rubbed up & in the fridge, with a suitcase of PA's finest, Yuengs!


    More pics & video to come!

    Let's go, O's!!!!!  [​IMG]
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  2. Then brought out the Boston butt, I went inside to get the packer brisket, leaving the wife to her own devices.

    The resultant video, while it has nothing whatsoever to do with this Butt over Brisket project, was too damn hilarious not to share.

  3. Yeah. So, O's won, and also pork is not eaten by some people. 

    But it is eaten by us!

  4. SO, some of you guys who generously welcomed me last year, you know, you guys are members of the vaunted Order of the Thin Blue Smoke.

    Me, not so much. Me, I'm still kind of a newbie.

    You guys remember that, right? Being a newbie?  Screwing stuff up?

    Yeah, watch this.


    Ok, so I really messed that up but it was a riot!

    The wife cut me off but...

    O's WON![​IMG]
  5. Well, for those of you who cut your teeth on an ECB, perhaps this video will bring back memories.

    Some day, I'm going to come in from my back yard after having set my iQue on a big green egg, watch this YouTube video, and laugh.

    Today is not that day.

  6. 12:30 now and the fire's still a bastard.  Needs regular agitation to keep temps up. 

    Came inside to watch SportsCenter.  Merp.
  7. Went out at 1:11 a.m. to find the temps up at 304!  Ran out of water in the pan.  Filled it back up in a jiffy.

    Hopefully the high heat for less than an hour won't toughen that brisket.  I'm pretty sure the pork can withstand it...

    They look good, three & a half hours in.

    This is what happens when you try to do a cell phone video of a hot water smoker at two in the morning, half tipsy, with a single LED key light.


  8. Temps were dropping off at 2:30 so i did a major fire tend.

    Pulled all coals, got rid of the ash fall & added new fuel.

    No more chuncks tho, we should be good on smoke.

    This is the first time I've smoked with the charcoal grate in the fire pan.

    Seems to be helping.

    Gonna try to catch some shut-eye now, as it's 3 a.m.

    Pintos have to be started at 6...
  9. The Boston butt temp has plateaued as of 11 a.m.  Frustrating.

    Had to tend the fire, butt temp went down to 190 from a high of 194.  Grrrrrrrr...

    Should be fine though...


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