Butt done way too early

Discussion in 'Pork' started by crash52, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. crash52

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    I was planning to smoke 2 7 lb butts overnight at 220° to be ready for an afternoon party but somehow they finished in 5 hours. I even have an extra oven thermometer (that i've tested) along with the external one so I know the temp is correct. Both butts looked the same as others ive done and seem super tender to the touch. Has anyone ever had this happen? I'm holding in the oven at 170 wrapped in plastic wrap and foil hoping it will still be ok by this afternoon (9-10 hours from now). Any advice?
  2. crash52

    crash52 Newbie

    Just pulled them and thy were super easy (bone came out easy and clean). Still can't believe these got done so quick and still taste so good. Anyone else have anything like this happen before? I've probably done 10 of thes and they usually are more like 12-18 hours.
  3. floridasteve

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    My butts usually take 6-7 hours at 225. Don't pay much attention to the weights, I get the double packs at Sam's usually.
  4. crash52

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    I also got mine at Sam's. Normally I get them at Marsh so maybe there's a difference in them somehow. Oh well, they turned out great, only drawback was the wakeup call of my meat thermometer at 3:45am.
  5. Sure, that's beauty of all this. No rules. No piece of protein will ever act the same. Paying attention to your process is what makes your product tastes better than anyone else's. 2.5" bone in butt steak for pulled pork nachos ran over 7hrs w/mini stall, go figure. But it just wasn't ready.
  6. from everything i have read and been told that butts have a mind of their own and they are done when they are ready not when you want them to be i just smoked a 10# butt that i had cut in half get done in about 8 hours but i also foiled when it hit about 165.. i couldnt even get them out of the smoker with out falling apart. but i had put them on at 8 am an dinner wasnt until 6 so they got wraped with foil and into a dry cooler they went when i got them out approx. 2 hrs later they were still so hot i couldnt pull them apart with my hands...

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