Butchering some chickens and found somthing odd

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by smoking shawn86, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Today I went over to a coworkers house to pick up some chickens for me to butcher for her because she had to many roosters, but when I started plucking what looked like worms or something coming out of the skin. I have cleaned birds one other time and never came across these before. One other reason I could come up withe is maybe what I thought were worms could be stuff come out of the ends of their feathers. These birds were in rough state missing lots of feathers 

    Pleas does any one have any experience raising birds 
  2. c farmer

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    We had 200 chickens when I was little.

    Don't remember anything like that. If they were rough looking maybe they had something?

    Not sure.
  3. Ya I not sure my self  
  4. acres87

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    Hi, I have raised quite a bit of poultry and shot a lot of "wormy" ducks. Could be lice, very common and likely with description of birds. If the conditions were deplorable I do think of threadworms, but would bet on lice which shouldn't affect the meat, just makes you think you need to scratch.
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    If they are molting, those could be new feathers coming in....
  6. I not sure if they were molting or not I just know they were in bad shape and some were naked
  7. I wouldn't eat those chickens if ya paid me.  [​IMG]
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    The combination of worms and chicken sounds like it might add up to some pretty fine catfish bait! RAY

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