Butcher supplying American cuts

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  1. No experience here.  Some of the cuts look a bit expensive but if you can't find them any where else??  Thanks for the link.  Bookmarked.  Keep Smokin!

  2. Do you find you can get these cuts from a local butcher then?
  3. Hello.  NO!  I may just be thinking U.S. versus U.K. prices.  I KNOW I can get good ribeye cheaper, just as an example.  Have a read of the link below.  Posts 28-33.  You may have read it.  You MAY have to do some cross referencing but a couple of us may be able to help.  That is the closest reference I have found and I now have hope I can talk the same language to the local butcher.  Keep Smokin!

  4. No link Danny :wife:
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    I noticed that there is only a tape measure for reference with no reference to weight of the cuts of meat, should at least have a price per Kg/lb as a reference. 
  6. If you click through to each cut then it gives a price.

    The Boston pork button for example it states that for the price the minimum weight is 4.5kg.
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