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  1. teedawg

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    Not sure if most folks would divulge where they purchase there cuts from. But I am in the Virginia area and started checking out the local butchers to purchase meats from.

    Do the seasoned veterans here use local butchers, or grocery stores?

    If there are any Virginia folks here i'd be happy to post what my opinion is of the shops i visit.
  2. pops6927

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    "Butcher shops" are few and far between in the Fort Worth area, other than Mexican shops - and those are high priced.  I do a lot of meats from Bassham's wholesale/retail, plus specials in chain stores.
  3. noboundaries

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    I get 90% of my meats from the grocery store, 10% from Costco when I want something the grocery store doesn't carry.  I always buy choice grade beef and prime on a rare occasion.  I had to use a local butcher recently to fulfill a meat request from my wife who was under the weather.  I walked out in shock at what I paid for the choice grade meat that was no better than the grocer or Costco.  It was double the price per pound.  When my wife saw the debit charge later while doing the finances she said "Okay, you NEVER have to do that again."  Trust me, I won't.     
  4. teedawg

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    Thanks for the feedback. I recently made a trip to BJ Wholesale. I was shocked at how nice the meat there appeared plus it was REALLY well priced. I think this helped me realize I do not have to have "Butcher Shop" meat to crank out a nice meal with my smoker!

    Thanks for the input!
  5. caribou89

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    old plantation meat market in azle has some good stuff. I got some exceptional beef ribs from them a while back. Great pork chops too.
  6. Where I live I have a local German butcher called T and H meats. He is WAY expensive so I rarely use him unless I want some special cut.  I get 95%  my meat at Costco (choice and prime) and feel they have not only a wonderful selection but a quality product.  I get the other 5% at Smart and Final.....just cause it's closer [​IMG]
  7. ps0303

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    Keep an eye on the dates of those packages.  Some of the managers and meat people don't remove out of dates like they should. 
  8. TeeDawg,

    i live in chesapeake and my local shop is 2 miles away from me ... higher priced but no injected solutions!  He also carries rubs, spices, keg beer and sausage making supplies.

  9. teedawg

    teedawg Newbie

    That sounds awesome I wold love to check that shop out. I have browsed around and i have a membership to BJ Wholesale. they have some sweet deals in the meat department but I wouldn't mind trying a butcher just to see if the difference is noticeable on the finished product. Thanks for everyones input!
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