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  1. Hello all,

    I am new to smoking and new to SoCal (recently moved here from Birmingham, AL), any recommendations for a butcher or meat market in the San Fernando Valley or Thousand Oaks area?  Have been buying meat from the grocery store and Costco and has turned out great, but looking for someone to do more custom cuts either for smoking or grilling.

    Thanks in advance!!

    Also thanks for starting this group, I've been reading the posts tonight and it's really interesting!!
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    I am in nor cal so can't help you but I know there are several in that area that should be able to chime in.
  3. Sorry i'm in OC so can't help either.
  4. Jim's Fallbrook Market

    5947 Fallbrook Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA

    or your local Vallarta
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    After my second trip over the hill to get hanger steak at the L.A. Farmer's Market, I actually spent a couple of months not long ago thinking of retraining as a butcher just so I could get better meat here in the valley. I mentioned the dearth of options for unusual cuts and whatnot to a woman who runs a nearby gourmet deli, and she finished my sentence for me. Apparently, this, and there not being a decent fish market, are a historical source of pain to foodies here. But rent in Studio City/Sherman Oaks makes it pretty hard for a humble butcher to set up shop. So, I go over the hill and treat myself to a beer once I'm at the Farmer's Market. There are worse things.

    But I look forward to trying Jim's Fallbrook Market. And, yes, Vallarta does carry some stuff you won't find at Ralph's.

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