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Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by danbono, May 20, 2013.

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    Hi all OK I was back RD ( Restaurant Depot) looking at slabs of beef, for my steaks that will be grilled. Still undecided about strips steaks here are the choices. What do 180 strip,0x1,1x1 mean?
    There is also a 2x3 bone in a short loin? 

    Thanks Dan

    PS This was posted in this thread, but no replies so I posted here.  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/140412/steak-expert-needed
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    Dan it sounds as if you are buying a whole short loin or a whole boneless strip?  I retired as a butcher after over 35 years and it seems to me this is how these items are labeled by specifications. For example a 3x2 short loin is something we would order to cut for our case. I dont remember the whole strips we would order but the 3x2 i do remember.  It has to do as to how much of a fat cap it has, the amount of "tail" from the bottom of the meat, the skirt, and fat from that point [normaly 2 inches. That would be the tail of a Tbone or Porter for example. This short loin should you buy it whole in cryo would also have some suet under the tender cavity. This would be part of your loss along with the bone and fat cap. These 3x2 short loins rarely had more than an inch of a fat cap on them.

    Personaly you would be better off buying steaks on sale already trimmed of all varieties. As long as they are marked USDA choice or better. Prime is now primarily sold in some resturants and not seen very often in your normal stores. Hope this helps Reinhard.
  3. danbono

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    Hi Reinhard..  Very good answer on the 2x3 . The reason I'm looking slabs for steak is,lately I can't find any decent steaks at my local markets.I even purchased some Prime steaks when they were on sale,I wasn't impressed with them.

    At Restaurant Depot they do have  Choice frozen steaks boxed 10 lbs each box.If I knew they were good  I wouldn't hesitate buying them.I asked a person that picked a box when I was looking at them and asked him if they were good, his reply was they better be I get $30.00 for them.  I think he a box of Rib eye.

    Thanks Dan
  4. danbono

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    Hi All Any one else got any information regarding the different type of Strip steaks?

    Thanks Dan
  5. reinhard

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    Here is what i would as for.  We have a Costco and a Sam''s here. From what i can see they handle pretty much the same grade of beef in whole pieces. They are USDA choice black angus for the most part. This is what i would look for. If you want to spend the extra money for Prime well that would be up to you. Second when you see the grade i mentioned look at the ends for marbeling and the least fat cap and tail [whole strip].  Dont expect uniform steaks from one end to the other. It just dont happen unless you get a center cut piece out of it. The larger end will have the most waste and are the worst cuts out of the whole piece. Again, check out the sales in your area, the grade of beef, and take a visual view of the steaks you are buying.

    Also try buying chuck eye steaks for a change. Next best thing to a rib eye and at half the cost. That's the only steak I buy except at times if a good Porterhouse is on sale.  Bottom sirloin steaks are also a good value but need some marinading.  Bottom line is try not to get to technical with the numbers you mentioned above. Yes i have been a butcher for many years and i should know my meat of course and i'm trying to help. Try finding a good butcher where you live that you can trust and most will try to be as helpfull as possible. They want your buisness back and not a one time sale.  It is also important that you prepare each steak properly for most need different tactics on the grill.  There are enough people on this site to help with that issue as well.  Reinhard
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    Hi All Was back in RD today for briskets. Had some time to to check out the different Strip Loins/strip steaks.

    Looks the 1x1the same description like 2x3 except ,1" of fat on top and 1" on tail.I will break down one of these days and try one out.

    Thanks Dan

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    Here's the answer I found on it:
    2. Meat And Poultry
    by Robert McLaren  on February 1st, 2005


    Help answer this question below.

    I sometimes go to a meat wholesaler to buy beef, what do the 0X1, 0X0 or 1X1 designations that are used with boneless strip loins mean?


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    ANSWERS. 1 helpful answer below.

    • by fredhetz  on January 5th, 2007

      Sizing and Trim
      The strip loin in its whole form is available for purchase in a number of sizes, based upon specified trim levels
      • 4x6 strip loin
      • 2x3 strip loin
      • 1x1 strip loin
      • 0x1 strip loin

      The strip loin is also available bone-in and boneless.

      As mentioned above, the strip loin is available in a number of different sizes. Sizing for the strip loin is based upon the size of the tail in relationship to the eye of the loin.

      Take the 0x1 strip loin. It has virtually no tail in length and is no more than 1“ wide. As more fat and tail are left on a loin (2x3), it will be less expensive in initial cost due to the lack of workmanship that goes into its processing vs. that of a loin with less trim (0x1).
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    Hi Pops Thanks for  the answer about the strip loins..That is what I started thinking when I was in RD the other day, and looking  at strip  lions 1x1, bout 1" fat on top and the same with the tail.

    Now "IF" I only knew how tender they are.[​IMG]

    Thanks Again Dan
  10. right there with ya on that.....yes sir!
  11. I need some advice, I have some un-opened sealed pkg of brisket and also ribs I got out of my freezer last Friday (1 week ago today) that have been in the bottom,of my fridge. How can I tell if they are safe to prepare or should I just throw them out. The fridge has maintained 40* temp. I'm at a loss as what I should do. Thx
  12. i normally let things thaw out like briskets in the reefer for about 5 days because its such a big piece of meat and itll be awhile to thaw down. ive always been told to let them "thaw" out that way. now if you had let it sit out on the countertop and then pitched it into the reefer for a week id say better safe than sorry and chuck em!..lol. or give em a whiff! youll know when its gone!
  13. Thx TurnandBurn...they were great...my first brisket I ever cooked or tasted was fabulous, fall off the bone ribs and juicy tender chicken. My family could not believe I did it...lol, I gave all the credit to my MES and the AmazN smoker, most important Jeff's book "Smoking Meat" ... We are still eating ... Thx to this site which led me to which smoker and the amazn plus all the great recipes and advice. Luv it! Gonna work my way thru the book, my son in law said he loved the book!
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  15. great! Glad it all worked out for yall.:sausage:

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