Busy Thursday! 3 types of sausage! (and bacon :) )

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bladebuilder, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. So I'm on my regular day off cycle ( I work 8 and 6) and figured it was time to process some more game meat. There was quite a bit of quality trim from hunting season, and a bunch of boneless duck/goose meat (60 pounds) and some moose (over 100 pounds) so figured its time to make sausage again. My smoke house was tied up with cold smoking 3 whole bellies for bacon that I had cured last days off.

    So I made 25 pounds moose Ukrianian sausage. 18/6

    25 pounds Sonoma style Brats 20/5

    and 25 pounds of goose/duck/pork sausage 15/10

    I had a couple buddies "help" so the uniformity isn't there, but after a few test fry's, and a malted beverage or two, there was a lot of happiness, and a few "close enough"'s muttered! Haha!
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  2. timberjet

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    Nice looking sausage if you ask me. I would love to try that goose stuff.
  3. The goose sausage is really nice for breakfast sausage or snack sticks. I've had beer sticks, and honey pepperoni sticks made from them. Really good. Nice texture, and a slightly rich flavor. Added pork keeps the moisture up. I need to get some small dia. natural casing. this collagen is ok, but a pita because it seems very brittle, and it dont like to be twisted.
  4. reinhard

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    You and your buddy's did just fine!!! Nice variety!!  Reinhard
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    BB, Nice work ,everything looks awesome .That is a lot of stuffing ![​IMG]

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