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    Two men were arrested for impersonating a police officer to get in M.I.M Bar-bq festival.Both men had a nine mill 3 clips,2 set of handcuffs,mace,fake badges and uniforms.[​IMG]If anybody wants to see story ABC24 news out of memphis.
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    Being a former Law Dawg-I love to hear stories like this of these POS's getting busted. 

    I had an incident when I worked for the County and I got pulled over for "making" an illegal"U" turn. I had made the turn and was starting to pick up speed when I noticed a Dodge Reliant pull up behind me with a red dash light flashing. Since the Reliant was what the local police drove I figured a fellow officer wanted to talk so I pulled over and waited for the officer to approach my vehicle-when on officer wanted to talk 'face-to-face' standard protocol was for the approaching officer to come up on the passenger side of the vehicle and this way they would be out of traffic . Anyhoo this kid walks up to my door and pulls out his wallet, badges me with a security badge and said "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I'm sitting there thinking "He has got to be kidding!" I asked to see his badge and he refused to show it to me. I then asked him "How would you like to spend sometime in the County lockup?" He had this "What do you mean" look on his face so when I got out of my vehicle-(in uniform) he then decides to beat feet back to his car. He ended up laying face down on the road and wearing my cuffs and I removed from his person a .357 revolver, a set of cuffs and two sets of id.

    Just as I made it back to my car to call for a tow truck to impound the kids car, a marked Police unit pulls up and the Officer gets out and says "Well, Looks like you caught him"! Came to find out that this 19 year old kid had been impersonating a police officer and making vehicle stops on unsuspecting people for about a week. He would tell the people that if they gave him $20.00 he wouldn't issue them a traffic citation.

    The local police officer and I then searched this kids car and found a .45 pistol, a 9mm pistol, and a snub nosed 38 revolver all within reach of the drivers seat. In the glove box we found another .45 and under the passenger seat we found a .357 revolver. In the cars trunk we found another 5 handguns and plenty of ammo for all the weapons we found.  Sure made my day!
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  3. No body ever accused criminals of being smart. Great stories.
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    Down here in FL where there's a right to carry law. You never know what your going to get if you pull someone over, especially if your not a cop!
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    Nothin' like a stupid criminal story to brighten your day..... lol.
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    Yea,they were pretty dumb[​IMG].MIM always has a huge police presents.With mobile observation towers with video, a sub station and enough cops for crowd control of thousands.Check points at all gates and you can't forget all the golf carts and mounted patrol. (yes horses) You better watch were you step.
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    Sounds like he had his own little gun-show on wheels. Good Bust !

    I busted a couple Vietnam Veteran "Wannabes" in a bar one time, but all we did was expose them.

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    Some things never change Bear
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     Yea Bear Vietnam vets are under appreciated . My moms boyfriend has the agent orange poison  .Sometime i drive him to VA to get treatments .
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    Fricking libby's!  Ain't no place for them in this world. Trillion wasn't a word untill OBAMA! 
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    Hey i agree we need to get off corporate law and get back to constitutional laws[​IMG]

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