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    So I was at a party last weekend and the host smoked a beautiful brisket and made burnt ends from the point.
    This inspired me to give it a shot. Unfortunately I couldn't find an intact brisket yesterday...only a flat.
    So I researched it on here and found this "poor mans burnt ends" idea. A local meat market practically gave me two pieces of what he called chuck roast....but I'd call chuck steaks. Each is about 2 pounds and about 1-1/2" thick. Will these work for these poor man's burnt ends?
    I'm doing them at the same time as my brisket flat. I have the smoker running at about 220-230 pretty consistently.
    Does anyone have any idea how long these "steaks" may take to get to where I want them to be for burnt ends? What kind of IT am I looking for? And when I pull them do I foil wrap and let sit for a while?

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    How my wife and I do faux burnt ends,

    We normally buy Top Sirloin steaks, but Chuck should work just fine.

    We cut the steaks up into squares then season them in the refrigerator for 18-20 hours, but if we are using rub we lightly toss them in the rub and let them refrigerate for about an hour.

    I use a grilling mat that has the small mesh to put the squares on.

    I first smoke the squares at 225 degrees for 45min, then I smoke them at 250 degrees for 30min and they are done to our liking.

    We do not cover them with foil or let them sit afterwards. We eat them directly from the smoker to our plate.

    We smoke faux burnt ends this way regularly because it is quick and easy.

    The meat doesn't have any char/bark, because of only smoking them in our RF smoker for an hour and 15min. Which my wife doesn't really care for the char/bark so it's perfect for her.

    We have smoked them at 225 degrees for 45min then dropped them in a pan with BBQ sauce with a small bowl of apple juice placed in the center of the pan then covered with aluminum foil then cooked at 275 degrees for 45min.

    Attached is a upside down pic of non rub faux burnt ends that I smoked.

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