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  1. I've searched this forum and even googled it and I'm still not sure which part of the brisket is for the burnt ends. I must be a little slow I guess. I have a 10lbs point brisket rubbed in the fridge ready for me to put on at 5 am. Which part is the burnt ends the thin side or the thicker side? And how do you prepare it? Thanks
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    The thick side, called the point, is for the burnt ends.  You prep the point no different than the rest of the brisket.  Some folks will separate the flat from the point during the smoke based on internal temp.  I leave the brisket whole until the flat is done, then cut off the burnt ends from the point, cube them, coat with sauce then caramelize the sauce onto them in the smoker in a pan.  Yummy stuff.    
  3. Ok just making sure I got this. So when I cook it I should put the meat probe in the thin side cook that to 190. Then take it off cut the thin side off slice and eat that then take the thick side cube it cover in BBQ sauce throw back on the smoker for an hour or so? And since I'm putting the probe in the slim side will that speed up my cook time?
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    There's no speeding up the cooking time on a brisket except to smoke it at a higher temperature.  I've smoked brisket at 225, 250, 275, and 300F and really couldn't tell the difference except they were done quicker at the higher temps. 

    The point has more internal fat than the leaner flat.  When I do a brisket I put the probe horizontally in the flat about mid-way up the side of the brisket, making sure I'm in the meat, not the fat layer. You can take it to the IT to 190F for slicing, or 195F.  I like to go higher, to 200F, but a toothpick stuck in the flat starting at 190F IT will tell you when it is done if it slides in like room temperature butter.  If not, keep smoking. 

    You've got it right on the point.  I've never gone an hour though after I've cubed the burnt ends.  I usually only go about 30 minutes.  The meat, once cut, can dry out quickly if you're not careful.  It is actually kind of tasty if you go that long, just has a chewier texture.  You might sample at 20-30 minutes and see if you want to go longer.   
  5. Thank you very much I'll let u know how I make out tomorrow
  6. I usually put my meat probe in the thickest part of the meat. So I thought that if I put it in the thinner part of the brisket that would cook faster then the thicker part but I'll take your advice. thanks again
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    The flat is denser meat than the point and will taste tough and dry if not cooked correctly.  The fattier point can take a higher IT, but the two won't be that far off. 
  8. I also have a question about cutting. I know you want to cut against the grain but I already rubbed it and for got to pay attention to the grain. If I cut it the short way I should be safe right?
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    Just scrap some of the rub off and check the grain.  Then reapply the rub.  I make a mental note of how to cut. Some folks put little slices either in the direction of the grain or against it.  I can't say how the butcher cut yours so better to check.   
  10. Well the brisket turned out alright. Not as tender as I would have liked. But good flavour so I got half of it right. It was 9.5 lbs I put it on at 430am and took it off at 730pm even foiled it for the last hour. The very tip of the flat was real tender but the closer you got to the point the tougher it got. Smoked it at. 225 the whole time anything I could have to make it more tender?
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    Cooked it longer. It's not about meat temp. Don't pull it off until you can stick a toothpick in the flat and it goes in like a hot knife through butter.
  12. K that's what I thought next time I'll put it on earlier

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