Burnt Ends, What are they?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by travisty, Dec 4, 2015.

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    I feel dumb asking this, and im still a noob so don't hate me, but after a wide search I couldn't really determine what burnt ends are exactly. I know it is made from a brisket and I have surmised that you need the tip portion for burnt ends. If I had to guess I think I would say that it is the burnt tip part of the brisket that you then cut off at or near the end of cooking, but then it appears that people further process them...?

    Anyway I haven't found any burnt ends "recipe's" so even if my guess is correct about where they come from I cant find anything on how to process the end cut off pieces to finish them up.

    Everyone just seems to talk about them like everyone already knows what they are, so im missing something here I guess.

    So... What exactly are they, how do you make em, and is it worth it?
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    What Case said...But I will add that yes, they are worth it.
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    You ever back up too close to the fire and stand there warming where a man meets the saddle for too long?

    Burnt Ends!
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    I did use the search feature, and looked through almost2 full pages of the search results but none of those are recipes, they are just people mentioning that they made burnt ends as a side note to their brisket posts. That's what I meant in my post when I said "everyone talks about them like we all know what they are".

    I kid you not when I say I went through 2 full pages of those, but there are no complete recipes nor are there any showing where they cut them off of the brisket, its just all of the sudden "pow" magically here is a pan of "burnt ends"
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    I wouldn't have posted such a dumb question without having exhausted a search first, but id like a good description of how to make them, and unfortunately I could not find it with the search.
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    Remember, there's only one dumb question, that would be the one thats never asked.Thumbs Up
  10. Burnt ends = Beef candy [​IMG]

    CAUTION: Surgeon General's Warning

    Burnt ends can cause uncontrollable drooling, over eating, and gastrointestinal bliss in moderate portions. 
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    Burnt ends are pretty simple, process-wise. I smoke a whole packer to I/T of around 155* in the point, then separate the point/flat, and wrap the flat (if you wish to wrap) and continue cooking to desired tenderness and I/T. Cube the point muscle to about 1-1/4" to 1-1/2", dust in more rub if you like, but I prefer just sauce. Return the cubed point to open grates until the sauce begins to caramelize nicely. It should fully cook the meat by this time and seems to give a nicer texture in the bite and chew of the burnt ends than if you cook to 180*+. My best runs so far have a light popping chew, but are quite tender and very juicy inside, and have a nice, crispness from the caramelized sauce...at least that's the way we like them the best...your preferences may vary. You can do burnt ends from a point that is cooked to 200*, then cubed, or 150*, and anywhere in between...it all changes the burnt end's texture and internal moisture. Higher temps when cubed may be drier when finished, and will have a softer texture, but at some point a grainy, mealy texture may be noticed due to over-cooking.

    Just remember, higher temps when cubed means they are already cooked to a relatively tender state. Lower temps when cubed means they need extra time time to finish cooking, and this is best accomplished back on open grates, IMHO...plus, you get that crispiness on the edges that offers am extra level of texture in the bite and chew.

    As already stated, yes, they are worth the extra time and effort. I smoked a packer for the family once and didn't make BEs after doing them a couple years...thought I'd never hear the end of that. I learned fast that when you smoke a brisket, you better be able to bring the BEs to table, or face the unruly masses...yep, they're that good. I also became of the opinion that a brisket smoke just isn't worth it without BEs...I now smoke brisket FOR burnt ends. BEs have got to rank in the top 10 best eating treats to pass through the smoke...maybe even the top 5 best. If only I could find a retailer that sold only the point somewhere around here...that's been a secret quest of mine for years...OOPS!!! I guess it's not a secret anymore...[​IMG]

    Enjoy your burnt ends adventure!!!

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    Very Well Said!!


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