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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by gableguy, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. So how does everybody keep their wood chunks from burning in an offset smoker? I have a SnP and use a charcoal basket. I place the wood chunks on a grate that is above and to the side of the basket. Every piece I put in yesterday caught on fire within 10-20 mintues. I was using larger chunks, roughly in the 6"x6" range. So what can I do to keep the wood from burning up? The coals seem like they are way to hot but I was barely able to get the cooking chamber above 230 in the cooking chamber. Any ideas?
  2. out of curiosity how long are you soaking the wood chunks. 

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    I smoke on a brinkmann gourmet charcoal smoker. I soak my wood chunks for 45 mins. to an hour.
  4. I don't soak my wood. I've swirched from a gas smoker to the offset. I never soaked my wood because I never had an issue with it burning up in the gas smoker.
  5. Im no expert but have smoked in charcoal smokers and have smoked in grills (using the bbq like an offset smoker ) but now use an electric smoker but when i have smoked in charcoal ive had to soak it as long as possible to keep the wood from igniting. Ive also wrapped the wood chunks or chips in aluminum foil. Are you using any other fuel in the offset try reducing the amount of fuel (charcoal) and just add fuel while smoking to keep the heat at the desired temp.


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