Burning the compressor tanks for my Third build DISASTER

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  1. I am just starting a build that I had expected to start a few months ago but have finally got going and hope to finish quickly.

    Last fall I decided to burn the compressor tanks in advance so they would be ready since I didn't expect to get started until after the snow started flying.

    Here goes

    Two tanks one for the cook chamber and one to donate the door so I don't have to add one inch strips around the door.

    Hoping for some good ideas and advice when I get to the build.


    I tried laying tanks in a fire to burn them off the first couple times with marginal results so I tried burning from the inside.

    All loaded up with tree trimmings.

    threw in a chimney full of charcoal.

    Fire is going good.

    paint is blistering off nicely


    For some reason it started smoking really bad this is the only pic I was able to take of the smoke disaster but it got a LOT worse 

     it smoked for about ten minutes before the

     cops and fire department showed up. I couldn't see the

    fence at the worst of it.

    All burned off no paint and ready to start cutting and welding.

    OK well the pics just decide where they want to be but this is tank # two above

    next is

    all going well until the smoke started again but I was ready I got the weed burner fired up and lit the smoke so no smoke just another fire above the one inside

    Tank #2 burned off nicely .

    And all this was last fall maybe September or so.

     I have started the build but thought some might like the tank burn pics. Build pics coming soon

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