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  1. Hi everyone, just joined and have a few questions.

    I am in the process of building a smoke house, size will be 3x3x7, for the smoke i will be using a smokai smoke generator, I would like to hot smoke also, what size burner will i need to say maintain 250 degrees?

    It will be made out of tongue and groove pine and not insulated, can I stain the outside to make it last longer? 

    uses will be smoking trout, deer, beef jerky , bacon, and turkeys.

    any help will be appreciated, thank you

  2. Hello Eddie.  Burner as in propane or element as in electric?  Either could be a tough call as I think I remember you are in New York state.  No insulation.  Are you planning to smoke year round?  The stain on the outside should be fine.  Just some food for thought. Please take a minute to update your location so we have that info available when we offer advice.  Thanks.  Good luck.

  3. thanks danny for replying, it will be a propane burner, i was thinking around 150000 to  50000 btus , and yes i was going to smoke all year round. I would rather stay away from insulating do to the fact more work and more money and the time isn't there.also I updated profile.


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    Look for some of POP's posts. In his signature there is a link to his smokehouse build, The propane burner he used seems to be popular to a lot of folks on here. It has a lot of control for a little investment.

    it should easily handle hot smokeing year round in your smoker.

    Jerry S.
  5. I will thank you very much.

  6. new build underway

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    Nice build Eddie...can u prove dim....space between each shelf....space between each hold....
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