buring rust liner out of my 55 UDS

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  1. Looking for some information. Bought the food grade barrel a couple days ago, nice condition, got it for $20. Picked up the propane torch and burnt the hell out of it. From the outside, and watched most of the orange liner burn and or pop and chip off. Did this three times, went through about 5 gallons of propane. Really worried about the toxic, so I have been told food grade rust liner.

    My concern is, even though I know I hit at least 1000 degrees but I didn't have a gauge, like everyone recommended to get rid of this toxic liner, I find that there looks to still be the remains of this material. I tried wire wheeling it and it is pretty baked on. Took me about an hour just t get one small 12" x 12" area, but I was taking it down to the brushed metal look.

    The outside I got it to a great raw brushed metal finished and applied a quick flame proof primer to protect it. So am I being too picky about the inside?

    Literally its gunna take me a couple days to get this sucker completely clean and brushed. Not sure I have that time?

    With that long hot torched burn, do I need to get the inside down to the raw metal, or looked like it is polished? Again, worried about the rust liner. No flakes left, blasted them all off with a high pressure nozzle, but there are parts that have that now "really baked on" remains.No longer orange, but looking kind of black or cooked brown.

    With a high speed wire wheel, to get this off I have to really push down, hold it and do about an inch or two per motion. Looks great but kicking my butt. Dust, wires coming off, hot and in that damn barrel.

    Guess I could find a sandblaster local? thoughts?

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    I had a lined barrel too and it was a pain. I burned it out by building a pallet fire in it... twice. I then spent hours with my head in the barrel and a grinder getting it down to bare metal. I crawled out of the barrel looking like a coal miner. It was terrible. I am building two more UDS' but I made sure to get unlined barrels this time.

    If you can afford to get it sandblasted I would go that route. 

    Good luck. 
  3. bmadoxx,

    Yep, I surrendered and had the inside sand blasted. Just couldn't get what I thought was the burnt and or now baked on liner off. Couldn't do a wood burn where I am at. It turned out awesome, but had to quickly coat it with cooking oil as soon as I got home. The air here is very salty, living about a mile from the ocean.

    Waiting for a couple more parts and the burn in will begin. Should have it ready for the weekend bbq.

    Funny the auto part shop didn't have much of any VHT 1200-2000 degress paint, or at least not enough. So I went with a blue body, black everything else. Little bit much for me color wise, but I had to get a coat on, for it too was rusting quick. Kinda wish I went for just the VHT clear and let it rust a bit first. Kinda like my old truck, cleared over years of wear and now the kids call it vintage.......

    I will post a couple pictures of this when it ready.

    Gotta know, did you make that front door on yours?
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    I borrowed the door from anther smoker then abandoned it after I couldn't keep it sealed. I learned the hard way that a UDS needs to be sealed as tight as a drum to work right. That's why I have a new barrel (unlined) that I will be using for my UDS version 2.0. 
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    You don't really need high temp paint for the outside of a UDS.  You are usually only cooking at ~225-250 degrees F, maybe all the way up to 325F for poultry. 

    Plain old rattle can Rustoleum will hold up fine at those temps.  It has on mine for over a year now.  If it did ever blister a little down near the fire you could just shoot it again.  Any vapors will be on the outside where they do not matter. 
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