Burgers and corn on the cob ---- second smoke

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dieseladdiction, Jul 11, 2015.

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    Well, for my second smoke in the cookshack smokette I was gonna do some ribs but it got to late to get them in so I smoked some burgers and corn on the cob for supper.  Just plain old burger with some seasoning salt and corn on the cob that I dunked in water and put just a touch of butter on.   Haven't been on here long enough to know if anyone does corn on the cob but said what the heck and threw some on.   Lets just say I am gonna be doing more of each for quick meals when I don't have a whole day to smoke something.  It will be fun playing with some burger recipes.  I had no idea what temp to do anything at so I set it at 225 and let it go.  Mowed some grass and threw the corn in.  I ended up doing the burgers a little to long but I wasn't sitting there babysitting the smoker either.   Corn wasn't quite done so I finished it in the grill.  Had good smoke flavor on it though.   Wish I had thought to take some pics but was too busy and scarfed them down soo as they were ready.    Any comments on how others do corn on the cob?  I will search when I get a chance but let me know what works for you.
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