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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kerstingm, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. kerstingm

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    Can anyone tell me of a good place to do a bulk meat purchase preferably in or around the Delaware Ohio area (if anyone is on here from the area?)

    I have purchased from those frozen meat sellers that sell out of their trucks, but I want a good reliable source of quality meat.....

    I have made some calls, but none of the local butcher shops offer anything at a decent value in my opinion...

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

  2. Try a slaughter house. You didn't say how much you were looking for.

    Happy smoken.

  3. kerstingm

    kerstingm Smoke Blower

    With never doing this not sure what is out there? I know my dad used to split a 1/2 cow growing up and we ALWAYS had beef, I'm looking for a verity of beef, pork, chicken..

    I was talking to this vendor of Naturally farmed foods inc and come to find out they want to finance six month orders at a time and you need good credit to purchase from.... I was like WHAT?????? I am not financing my meat purchase..... 

    I do live in country, so think it's time to hit up some of the local farmers??????? 
  4. I don't see a reason to finance meat. Their is often meat on craigslist. Sometimes half / quarter or whole. Then you can have it cut and wrapped however you want. The same goes for beef and pig.

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  5. dirtsailor2003

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    Not remotely close to your area, but where I live we have several farms that sell bulk meat. The smallest orders most of them do is what they call a box. You don't get to pick what comes in the box. It has an assortment of ground, roasts, steaks (if beef or buffalo) chops if pork. Smallest box is 25#, largest is 50#. Then you get into the quarters, halves, wholes. There are a few places here that sell like a butcher too, but its spendy that way. For our family (4) a quarter of a cow makes it about a year.

    I just purchased a 1/4 of a pig from a buddy. I don't remember what the hanging weight was. Cut and wrapped per my specifications totaled  $175.00. I need to go pick it up too see how much is there. I didn't have any sausage or bacon made. Just ground pork and non-cured belly, 1" chops should be a roast or two in there too.
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Hello , Kerstingm [​IMG]  . My response is purely JMHO [​IMG].

    Do you have a Budget? A MKT. Box deal is the way for me . We sometimes go in with the In - Laws for a half each (cheaper if you can) and whole pigs from a friend (@MKT.price ) and get it for under$200. Well, used to . That was 10 yrs. ago [​IMG]

    A nice drive about is relaxing and productive in the same . . .[​IMG]   Very few times do , Trish and I , not find something we are looking for , if we're with the "Kids" , we see more ( more stops too!  [​IMG]  ,and fun . . .[​IMG]).

    Always see Farmers selling steers or Locker Meat . . . some may be "Dairy "  stock , but  low and slow will fix that , and grinding to Burger [​IMG]
  7. find a local butcher or better yet find the guy that does a farm kill, pricing is usually better but may be FYI may be hanging weight as above, just my input.

  8. daks

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    When we go to the local wholesalers we normally pick up bulk meat.  They get a little irked when you start cracking cases but ya gotta know what you are paying for.  For instance, we are paying $3.50lb for certified angus FULL brisket.  I can't beat that price anywhere.  So I would find out where the restaurants are going to get their meats at wholesale and try those places. 

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