Bulding a Cardboard Box Cold Smoker

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by alelover, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Started with a sturdy cardboard box I got from work. Opened the flaps and hot glued and taped the corners with aluminum tape.

    Got it all sealed up on the inside.

    Traces the cardboard tube I'll be using for the chimney. The tube is from a roll of shrink wrap we use at work.

    It has a 3" I.D.

    Cut the hole using a very sharp utility knife.

    The tube fits good.

    Now to cut out the area for the little house the Amaz-N-Pellet Smoker will sit in.

    Pellet smoker should fit nicely.

    Had to add an extension the the flap I cut for the little house.

    Cut out the sides for the little house.

    It does fit nicely.

    Closed up the opening a tad.

    Lined the inside of the little house with aluminum tape.

    It will get a little hot in there. Not over 451ºF though. So we should be OK.

    A little more tape around the perimeter.

    Should work well.

    Slides right out with ease.

    A little silicone to seal up the handles.

    We attach the tube last. It would be a pain building the rest if I did that first.

    Got it squared up with some shimmage.

    Filled the cracks with hot glue. Inside and out.

    Taped it real good with aluminum tape.

    She's ready for some smoke.

    Which will be someone else's pleasure when it is given to one lucky contestant at the 2nd Annual SMF NC Gathering April 26-28th.

    I do not know what it will take to win it, or what you'll be a contestant in, but we will make something up.

    Thanks for watching.
  2. Excellent design and execution.  Just keep an eye on the pellet smoker. Too much air flow and it might catch fire.  Check out search bar for mail box mod.  Safer is better.   
  3. Good point. Thanks. I have another one I built I use pellets in and haven't had a problem. The opening isn't as big though. But the roof of the little house is an inch closer. I raised it an inch on this one. The aluminum tape blocks the heat pretty well.
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  4. Did a test to make sure it wouldn't catch fire. Works very well.

    Just did 1 row of pellets.

    Got it smokin real good.

    Shove her in.

    Getting some nice TBS.

    Quit after 3 hours 45 minutes.Looks like the airflow was about right from the amount of pellets that burned.

    You can see where the smoke traveled. Didn't do any kind of damage.The outside never got hot.

    It got a little warm at first but once the burning equalized it stayed fairly cool the rest of the time.

  5. daveomak

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    My - T - Fine  lookin' smoker Scott..... 
  6. nepas

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    Thats pretty freaking

  7. Thanks Dave. Giving it away at the NC Gathering.
  8. nice smoker. maybe when my ship comes in i can afford to build one like it. i already have a AMNPS. so if i work hard, save my money. i can have a nice smoker like that some day.[​IMG]

    happy smoken.

  9. daveomak

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    Scott..... time for a trade......  trade the smoker for the Vette......[​IMG]
  10. that's an idea. not a good idea. but an idea.
  11. dward51

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    That is one neat idea and a well thought out build.
  12. Someday. Keep that nose to the grindstone and someday you might find a cardboard box. [​IMG]
  13. Thanks. It was the second one I built so I learned a little from the first one.
  14. Play your cards right and could it be yours, Rick.
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  15. I'll give him both of mine for the vette.
  16. tdssmoke

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    I am a new smoker and know nothing about physics. Why do you put on a smokestack instead of just cutting a hole in the top?

    Also, what about making the little house out of foil cooking pans? I'm worried about hot cardboard. 

    Could I do this on the deck if I put concrete stepping stones and a sheet pan underneath the hot part?


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