Building my first Smoker. Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 47183T

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  1.           Hi everybody. I have always wanted to learn how to smoke pork and other meats. My old BBQ died at the end of last season so this year I bought the Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 47183T grill/smoker. I sure have found alot of great information on this site about this smoker as well as smoking meat. I am going to do some of the mods listed in sscrib and the Chris G blogs. I figure I might as well do these while I am putting it together out of the box. I am going to do the JB weld on the seams of the smoker box and cooking box, the Chimney mod, the deflector plate and the fire box charcoal grate. I read all of the customer reviews on 3 differetn sites that offer this smoker and alot of the bad about it was the unit rusting after only a couple of months. I didn't see any people on here addressing this issue or stating that they had it. I understand when smoking and using a water pan there is going to be alot of moisture and so metal wil rust. I thought since I am just building this thing why not just throw a couple of coats of high temp paint on it to start with. Maybe the thin paint is why people are complaining about it rusting so quickly. I figure it can't hurt since I have to season it anyway when I'm done building it. any thought on this?

            It is going to take me a couple of weeks to get this put together because I work 12 hour days and only get 1 day of work a week right now and waiting for cure time on the JB weld as well as the paint, but I will post to this thread as I go along. I know this isn't the greatest smoke machine out there but I think it will be alot of fun to learn with. Looknig forward to learning how to smoke some awesome meals.  Thanks for all of your support with your knowledge on this forum. [​IMG]
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    IMHO I would not paint the inside. I would season it. Rub the inside down with crisco and turn it on to 225 for a hr or so and let the oil bake to the walls. Some people paint the inside but to each their own

  3. Will rubbing the inside down with Crisco periodically keep it from rusting? If so, how often should it be done? What about the wood box, Do you think paint or same thing? If it does start to develope surface rust on the inside of the cooking area is it best to sand it down and repaint?

    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.
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    Flaxseed oil will get you a super durable finish. You're only going to be able to oil it once. After a cook there will be too much residue to apply more coats without a cleaning with something like oven cleaner. Which would remove the oil too. If you oil, run it a couple times without wood and try and get it as hot as possible to set the oil.
  5. Yesterday went well. My first time getting to spend some time working on the smoker. I got it out of the box and used the JB weld to seal up all the seams in the smoker box and the charcoal cooking area. I ordered the Nomex gasket to put around the edges. One thing I am concerned about with this unit is the rust issue. I used 500 degree paint and painted all the non-cooking pieces (legs, braces, etc). I got some 1000 degree paint to paint the wood box and main unit. I think I will follow the advice on here and not paint the inside of the 2 cooking areas. I think I will go with the Flaxseed to season the inside of those pieces. I just don't want this to start rusting in a couple months if I can avoid it.
  6. Finished the construction up and ready to season. My son will be coming home from Afghanistan hopefully in a couple months and I am hoping to have a big BBQ to welcome him home. Brisket, Boston Butt and some chicken. The WSM is going to do the long work and the Smoke Hollow will take care of the short orders.   Can't wait to season them this weekend and start honing in my skills.
  7. Just bought this grill yesterday at Sam's. model number is the same but I am noticing some differences in our grills. I have attached the pictures. A couple things that stand out are the bottom shelf with the condiment storage. Also, my propane tank sits behind the shelf directly under the gas grill. Also, igniter is in a different location. I have attached a picture.
  8. I noticed the difference between the two as well in my research. Sometimes it seems the initial grill is referred to as model 47180t, and the one you just posted as 47183t. However, Smoke Hollow's website does not list a model 47183t that I could find.

    Does it seem like the same grill besides the differences you pointed out?
  9. Yeah, it appears to be the same. I did notice that about their site, they don't mention the 83t on there at all, just the 80t. For the most part, it seems the same to me, just a few differences.
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  10. Thanks for the reply. I like moving the knobs away from the heat a bit more.

    It appears they tried to address some of the issues with the prior design; mainly with the propane tank holder sagging. Does that area seem sturdy enough to hold a full tank or is reinforcement still likely needed?
  11. The propane tank area is very sturdy. With the knobs, I guess some people had issues with melting.. So I guess that was a good move. On the fire box, I believe they also added a heat shield under the lid. It's hard to see it in the picture. I'll upload a closer shot of it. I do have to contact their CS though, there were a few dings and dents on a couple pieces.
  12. Yes, the 83t is the new model for this year. I bought the last one from last year at my local SC. I have looked at the new one and some of the changes look good but I did notice the fire box is smaller on the new one. The relocation of the knobs might be a good thing but so far I haven't noticed any issues with mine and I have reverse seared several times with it getting it up to 500*. I like the bigger fire box on mine better. overall after looking the new one over I am glad I got the one I did. I will say with some TLC and prep work I love this set up.
  13. also the overall depth of the cooking areas are smaller on the new model.
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    Here's a little suggestion... when you season the inside of the pit, do the outside too. Sounds nasty ,but the paint you so lovingly covered the Smoker with will tend to last longer. Be it the oil going into the paint [​IMG]  or what ever , it helps the paint withstand the temps. llnger. Especiallt on the FB.

    here's my FB after 3yrs. of heavy Summer cooking...

     and here's my trusty applicator.

    I rub the Smoker ( all if it ) each time I use the unit.  You'll hear a lot of guffaws on this , but i works, and the soomner you start on a new Smoker the longer it will look good for you.[​IMG]
  15. Oldschool; I agree with you and I did season the inside and out. I covered the whole thing with Canola oil and then heated it up and let it "bake" for about 1.5 hours on the propane side and until the charcoal went out on the charcoal and fire box. I plan to do this periodically to help protect it. After cooking it  there is no sticky residue that I have noted so I would recommend it the same as you.
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    I have the smoke hollow 4 in 1, the 2012 model from SC.  Do spray the outside down! especially the firebox region.  Due to the heat it requires to get the smoker part up to temperature it almost bakes the paint off- I slacked off from spraying at as much as i should have- I have a bit of surface rust-    also i would recommend getting a cover if you store it outside.  I found one for about 30-35 on amazon (by formosa covers)  
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  17. Hi all, I'm newly registered here but found this forum last year when my wife purchased me the 4 in 1 for a present. We were in the process of moving so I never started to assemble the grill. I just got around to finally getting it done, so far I've been giving everything 2 coats of high heat ultra paint before starting the assembling process. I just checked back here for more ideas and I reference to other modifications people have done. Can someone please tell me where to find these? I saw reference to gaskets, as well as a smoke stack mod? Also if anyone has any other suggestions since this thread was last posted to I would greatly appreciate any ideas. I'm really trying to keep this grill / smoker in great condition. Thanks!
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    what is the number of the jb weld you used to seal the fire box
  19. dcent

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    Do you by chance have the manual for this model? We are needing replacement parts and can't find the part numbers anywhere! We need a list of the parts and the picture to show what part number goes to what.

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