Building my first RF smoker

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by hghvoltage, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone, I just found this forum recently and decided to share  RF smoker build. I had already started on the build when I found this site. Here are a few pictures of where I am currently in the build.

    The CC is 57" long and 18" dia. the fire box is 24" x 18", stacks are 4" I.D. heavy wall pipe.

    The rf plate is 1/4" thick and has a slope down to the fire box.

    I have temp. hinges on the CC door for now just so I can close it to keep rain out. All comments and recommendations are appreciated.
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    Why did you slope the plate towards the firebox? Also did you cut your exhaust flush with the tank?
  3. There will be a 2" drain to the outside of the CC with a brass gate valve to allow me to wash off the plate and I figured it was better to slope it toward the firebox so that the smoke and heat didn't get choked at the turn. The stacks are flush on one side and about 3/4" past the inner wall on the other side.
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  4. For a true RF smoker you need to do away with the stack on the opposite end of the firebox


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