Building my dry age chamber

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by mikesb, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. mikesb

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    Been gathering ideas and parts for a year, finally doing it
    Using a 17 cf, all fridge
    So far I've wired up temp controller and temp/ humidity gauge
    Got it set and working it turns on and off and holds within one degree of set temperature
    Next. I have two humidity controllers I was going to use one for running a ultrasonic humidifier and the other for a computer fan ported into the side of chamber to control dehumidify
    Sound rite so far?

    I know I will need help, so I just wanted to get a thread going

    Mike in Portland Oregon
  2. mikesb

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    I put 3 cases of water in the chamber. It took several hours for it to calm down. For the first few hours it would come on and cool fridge to 37 deg and then it would rise real fast and come back on and cool to 37 again. To maintain 37 deg after putting the water in The compressor went from almost hot for the fist few hours to pretty warm, now the next morning the compressor is barely warm and temp is holding around 37 deg. (Humidity level has been rite around 50% the whole time)

    It's been so long sense I started this project I need to know again what I'm doing. I'm looking to age beef, something along the lines of 10 to 15 lbs rib roasts.

    I need to know what temperature and humidity level again?
    I was thinking somewhere around 36 deg and 70% humidity?
    You think my plan of humidifier and PC exhaust fan for controlling humidity is good ?

    I've aged rib roast before in my kitchen fridge with great results, and now my friends that I shared it with wand me to supply it for a large wedding banquet dinner in two months. I really want to make it happen. I'll take all the help I can get

  3. mikesb

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    Just smoked it
    Got off work and went to install fan and humidifier, first hole I drilled through the side I hit free on poop
  4. mikesb

    mikesb Newbie

    We'll having a long conversation with myself. Does anyone have an idea of a forum I can get specific help on my topic?

    Anyways I found another fridge and an starting again

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