Building a smokehouse out of a horse trailer

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by weldifier, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Ok, I really need some quality input here. I have 2 catering businesses and do a lot of ribs, brisket etc and need a bigger smoker. I it is more convenient for me to build a smokehouse on a trailer than on the ground for a few reasons. I have been thinking of building one on a flat deck. But then I started thinking a 2 horse trailer might be just the thing. Am I crazy? Will this work? It would have enough room for wood and a fridge plus a smoker that could fit probably 150 racks of ribs. I just want it to be a smoker, not a mobile kitchen. So can this work? If so any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I've heard of folks doing just that.... My only concern is...... "Would I eat something that was cooked in a horse trailer..."...

    so..... there you go.... big enough... will haul enough weight for sure... You will probably have to clean underneath, inside out, topside down... steam and pressure and high quality paint to pass some sort of food inspection... inspectors probably wouldn't like a dog walking through a kitchen, let alone a horse living in one.... even an evicted horse....

    From your neighbor to the south......

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  3. Thanks Dave.  Yes, it would have to be completely gutted and painted.  I have seen kitchens built in horse trailers, but i just want the smokehouse in it.  I think it should work but wonder if there is something i haven't thought of.
  4. A couple other things i have been wondering:

    should i insulate the inside of the smokehouse, as horse trailers are made of sheet metal ?

    should i have the firebox in or out of the smokehouse?

    if i line the inside with cedar will it take temps of 275F without catching on fire?
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    Weldifier, personally I would insulate, looks like you are in cold country, it will make your cooking season longer, I would not use cedar on the walls of the trailer, health depts like to see frp or aluminum on the walls, lots easier to keep clean, even if you don't get it inspected I know from experience you will be happier with walls and ceiling that is easy to keep clean, and as long as the floor is safe, diamond plate aluminum or steel the firebox could be inside or build it so the firebox is on a side wall to the outside, hope this helps a bit, Bonz
  6. Thanks Bonz.  Do you think that panelling will take 275-300F with melting or burning?
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    Maybe I am not getting the picture, is the trailer going to be the smoker or are you putting the smoker in the trailer? If the trailer is going to BE the smoker no do not use the frp for the walls, I thought you were going to put the smoker IN the trailer.
  8. I hope it is going to be smoker in the trailer since he said wood and fridge and smoker. I would thank about removing the floor and sandblasting the whole trailer first.

    Happy smoken.

  9. mr t 59874

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    Think about a two or three horse slant load with a hay rack.  I just sold a 3 horse slant load with a walk in tac room, would have been perfect for you.

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    Mule, I was thinking the same thing but he through me when he said would it take 275 - 300 deg. and I agree it would need a good cleaning, I have seen a horse trailer converted, it can be done, but as I said I would use material that is easier to clean, besides he might decide to get it inspected down the road, and they want to see frp or aluminum, at least around here.
  11. They want easy to clean here as well. Most want to see pics before you get there. If it looks like crap on not able to clean you never hear back from them about your application.

    Happy smoken.

  12. I would throughly clean it and paint it but restore it to look like a horse trailer from the outside, something like that in my opinion would fair pretty well on a rodeo/fair circuit, especially Smoked BBQ type foods.

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